USA Today – Jul 31 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘Didn’t I tell you?’ SEE
‘Looks that way’ IGUESSSO
‘No ___, no fuss!’ MUSS
‘So disgusting!’ UGH
‘Sulwe’ author Nyong’o LUPITA
‘___ be surprised’ YOUD
‘___ us march on till victory is won’ LET
‘___ your imagination’ USE
Academic field dealing with Indigeneity NATIVESTUDIES
Almond or macadamia NUT
Alphabet sequence that’s a TV channel ABC
Arrange in order SORT
Being brought along INTOW
Best Golfer and others ESPYS
Body part with a drum EAR
Body parts that might be rescued by Megababe THIGHS
Box braids, for example PROTECTIVESTYLE
Bring into alignment SYNC
Broadcasting online LIVESTREAMING
California newspaper, for short LAT
Competing VYING
Container of mints TIN
Dance arrangement, for short CHOREO
Definite article in German DAS
Downed more hot dogs than, e.g OUTATE
Draw inerasably ETCH
Driver’s device GPS
Food for a pig SLOP
General feeling VIBE
Granite State school, for short UNH
Granola piece OAT
Happen next ENSUE
If all goes right ATBEST
In need of tidying up MESSY
Is efficient schedulewise SAVESTIME
Jaded people CYNICS
Layer found within five other answers in this puzzle VEST
Legumes in burritos BEANS
Letters for Simone Biles USA
Letters for Simone Biles GOAT
Loch associated with a monster NESS
Make some earrings, perhaps BEAD
Movie star Harrier LAURA
Muscle quality TONE
Name associated with jars MASON
Not fresh anymore STALE
Not hanging loose TAUT
OKC time zone CST
One-named Irish singer ENYA
Pair in an engagement photo WIVESTOBE
Persona non ___ GRATA
Podcaster’s device MIC
Political TV channel CSPAN
Prefix meaning ‘Earth’ GEO
Previous partners EXES
Prune, pre-drying PLUM
Publicity, for short PROMO
Raspy-voiced HOARSE
Regains consciousness COMESTO
Reject NIX
Rhyming partner of tear WEAR
Said out loud UTTERED
Savings plan initials IRA
Shar-___ (dog breed) PEI
Sharp shape for nails STILETTO
Stockholm’s country SWEDEN
Sulky expressions POUTS
Tamal ingredient MASA
They introduce acts MCS
Topping for hot dogs CHILI
Translation of ‘nuestra’ OUR
Volleyball divider NET
Writing assignments ESSAYS
___ as a rock SOLID
___ Gras MARDI

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