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USA Today – Jul 4 2018

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Clues Answers
”Nuff ___!’ SAID
‘Anti-art’ movement DADA
‘Fanny’ novelist Jong ERICA
‘My Way’ lyricist Paul ANKA
‘Peter Gunn’ guitarist Duane EDDY
‘Roots’ or ‘Spartacus’ EPIC
A cappella group member ALTO
Carrier of pre-internet messages CABLE
Chrysler Building’s style, briefly DECO
Competitive event in a pool MEET
Cop’s cruiser, in old slang PROWLCAR
Cover with flagstone, say PAVE
Dances with hand movements HULAS
Deceptive practices SHAMS
Devotion to a cause ZEAL
Digestive catalyst ENZYME
Dirty, cluttered place RATSNEST
Divas often have big ones EGOS
Dog with a Walk of Fame star LASSIE
Drop from a list OMIT
Drum kit part SNARE
Editor’s workplace DESK
Eject, as lava SPEW
Feelin’ Fresh cosmetics company AVON
Fish story TALLTALE
From the top AGAIN
Garden store buy POT
Gave the evil eye GLARED
Get the better of ONEUP
Ghana’s capital ACCRA
Google co-founder Larry PAGE
Hannity of Fox News SEAN
Harden, as concrete SET
Harper’s Weekly caricaturist NAST
Highly collectible RARE
Hip, in the ’60s MOD
In need of an analgesic ACHY
In the midst of, poetically TWEEN
Kendrick Lamar’s genre RAP
Clues Answers
Like an eagle’s eyesight KEEN
Lunchtime, for many MIDDAY
Mireille of ‘The Catch’ ENOS
MRI image SCAN
Narcotic-yielding leaf COCA
Offers a la Shylock LENDS
Org. with a noted journal AMA
Org. with top-secret documents NSA
Out of gas, so to speak TIRED
Out on a limb, maybe TREED
Outfield-to-home throw PEG
Pathfinder org NASA
Place to wallow STY
Practice for a bout SPAR
Prayers’ beads ROSARIES
Pre-internet messages WIRES
Prohibition-era agent NESS
Response to ‘Thanks’ ANYTIMEATALL
Response to ‘Thanks’ GLADTODOIT
Response to ‘Thanks’ MYPLEASURE
Response to ‘Thanks’ YOUREWELCOME
Roughly 30 percent of Africa SAHARA
Sand trap smoother RAKE
School for toddlers, in brief PREK
Schusser’s way up SKITOW
Shallowest Great Lake ERIE
Sinks in the middle SAGS
Specialty of some ‘doctors’ SPIN
Spot on a die PIP
Steinbeck migrant OKIE
Stone for many a Libra OPAL
Took a board game turn WENT
Tool with a point AWL
Toon pooch ___ Doggie AUGIE
Tram loads ORES
Treat with disdain SPURN
Wild thing BEAST
Wing measures SPANS
Word after Krazy or Kit KAT