USA Today – Jul 5 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Bye for now,’ in texts TTYL
‘Doctor Who’ network BBC
‘Duly ___’ (‘I hear you loud and clear’) NOTED
‘I don’t ___ on it’ (‘I probably won’t’) PLAN
‘I’m good on that’ NAH
‘Riverdale’ character played by Shannon Purser ETHEL
‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ film ENCANTO
‘Yee-___!’ HAW
‘Yes, ma’am!’, e.g ASSENT
‘You did a ___ job!’ (‘Nice work!’) HELLUVA
‘___ safe than sorry!’ BETTER
Amazement AWE
Arm muscle BICEP
Assumed names ALIASES
Bassist Nielsen IDA
Beautiful, in Spanish BELLA
Bird of prey HAWK
Bit of rain DROP
Building where beer is made BREWHOUSE
Channel with ‘Family Feud’ reruns GSN
Compete in a track meet RUN
Completes, like a crossword SOLVES
Criticism that’s ‘picked’ NIT
Dorm supervisors RAS
Drink sipped by Kermit in a meme TEA
Entertainer before an event PRESHOWHOST
Expertise KNOWHOW
Features of whales and dolphins BLOWHOLES
Fixes some stitching RESEWS
Food that often contains raw fish SUSHI
Fresh possibilities, metaphorically NEWHORIZONS
Get a point against SCOREON
Got out of bed AROSE
Had a meal ATE
Havana resident CUBAN
Honking birds GEESE
Hoppy beer, for short IPA
How lemonade stand purchases are usually made INCASH
Humble LOWLY
Illuminated LIT
In need of a snack PECKISH
In-family rival SIBLING
Instruction book MANUAL
It might be crushed or cubed ICE
Loosens, like shoes UNLACES
Marketing process hidden in ‘mouse over’ SEO
Muscle-bone connectors TENDONS
Music holders with holes in the middle CDS
Nonsense HOGWASH
Not ruling out OPENTO
Observer WITNESS
Opinion-gathering tool POLL
Org. whose players hit pucks NHL
Piece of concert equipment AMP
Plays that have no intermission ONEACTS
Portuguese greeting OLA
Prefix for ‘pronoun’ NEO
Prince, to a king SON
Relay, like a message PASSON
Rowing equipment OARS
Sequoia or sycamore, e.g TREE
Small songbird LARK
Speck of land in the water ISLE
Spider’s creation WEB
Squirrels stash them ACORNS
Takes hold of SEIZES
Tedious task SLOG
Therefore HENCE
Trans activist Erlick ELI
Truthful HONEST
Turn the ___ cheek OTHER
Window pane material GLASS
Word after ‘Lego’ or ‘box’ SET
___ potatoes RUSSET
___ the Drag Queen BOB

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