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USA Today – Jul 7 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Arf!’ equivalent WOOF
‘Biscuit’ introduced in 1912 OREO
‘Hello’ singer ADELE
‘p,’ on sheet music SOFT
‘Saved’ score in golf PAR
‘Walk-___ welcome’ INS
Academy newcomer PLEBE
Alan who played Hawkeye ALDA
Anthony’s former XM Radio partner OPIE
Argonauts’ golden treasure FLEECE
Bassoons’ cousins OBOES
Berry imported from Brazil ACAI
Bobby soxers’ dance HOP
Charlton Heston title role ELCID
Chem class, often LAB
Chichen Itza dweller MAYA
Chief god of Valhalla ODIN
Chinese e-commerce giant ALIBABA
Cork’s loc IRE
Course finale, often EXAM
Cry before ‘Polo!’ MARCO
Diabolical sort FIEND
Double entendre-dealing British comic BENNYHILL
Dull fabrics DRABS
Dwindle, as support EBB
Europe’s most sparsely populated country ICELAND
Fan of fine cuisine FOODIE
Filled IHOP offering CREPE
First lady after Bess MAMIE
Fraternity jewelry PIN
French car with a lion logo PEUGEOT
Germaphobe’s alternative to a handshake ELBOWBUMP
Got mellower AGED
Greeley’s direction WEST
Groundskeeper’s machine MOWER
Hauled to the hoosegow RANIN
Herbicide victim WEED
Hoda Kotb’s show TODAY
Ipanema’s locale, for short RIO
Clues Answers
iPhone’s ‘brain’ CPU
Knob on a cathedral instrument ORGANSTOP
Lacking couth CRASS
Makes a filet of DEBONES
Marks on cattle BRANDS
May auto race, familiarly INDY
Monastery head ABBOT
Moore of ‘Ghost’ DEMI
Nineteenth hole BAR
Nonstandard trading unit ODDLOT
Novel on a Kindle EBOOK
Oddball comic Philips EMO
Overly sentimental SAPPY
Owning much land ACRED
Piece for a sitarist RAGA
Play again, as a role REPRISE
Prepare to be dubbed KNEEL
Prescription figure DOSE
Press into action IMPEL
Pupil controller IRIS
Result of a pulled goalie OPENNET
Right-angle extension ELL
Scout’s shelter TENT
Send out, as vibes EXUDE
Some simians APES
Spiff up, as decor REDO
Statistic of concern to farmers CROPYIELD
Stir-fry vessels WOKS
Take third at Belmont SHOW
Texter’s guffaw LOL
The limit, in a saying SKY
Timber wolf LOBO
Tobacco residue TAR
Took a red-eye, say FLEW
Turner of ‘Peyton Place’ LANA
Vortex in a river, e.g EDDY
Ways through woods PATHS
What you wear APPAREL
___ Paul (guitar model) LES