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USA Today – Jul 9 2018

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Clues Answers
‘A ___ pittance!’ MERE
‘Bad Girls’ singer DONNASUMMER
‘Lethal Weapon’ series regular JOEPESCI
‘Lordy!’ in Liverpool BLIMEY
‘The ___ of Christmas’ (37-Down poem) EVE
‘Ulysses’ poet TENNYSON
‘What rotten luck!’ DARN
A shortstop may cover it SECONDBASE
Added zip to SEASONED
Applies lightly, as perfume DABSON
Assault on the eardrums NOISE
Ballpark crowd antic WAVE
Beef cut from the leg SHANK
Big cheeses NABOBS
Bunsen burner locale LAB
Cafe dispensers URNS
Catcher in Larsen’s perfecto BERRA
Chew out SCOLD
Class where DNA is studied BIO
Completed, as a cartoon INKED
Crusty buildup CRUD
Deal closer’s word DONE
Didn’t perish LIVEDON
Duct tape’s many USES
DVRs can skip them ADS
Elicit a ‘Wow!’ from AMAZE
Father of Fredo VITO
Finishes a triathlon RUNS
Foam darts brand NERF
Gambler’s stake ANTE
Gray-hiding treatments DYEJOBS
Having no peer LONE
Head for the seabed DIVE
Home to most of Russia ASIA
Impressive display ARRAY
Indonesian tourism center BALI
Indulge in self-praise BRAG
It’s set for dinner TABLE
Jurassic or Jellystone PARK
Clues Answers
Kidded around JOKED
Leave room between lines DOUBLESPACE
Like the Witch of the West WICKED
Makes sharp again HONES
Minor falling-out TIFF
Minuscule quantity IOTA
Mooch, as a smoke BUM
Moons, marbles et al ORBS
Mounted warrior’s spear LANCE
National Ice Cream Month JULY
Needing liniment SORE
Network junctions NODES
Ominous appearance in ‘Jaws’ FIN
Out-of-round, perhaps OVAL
Part of a clock’s mechanism GEAR
Partners no more EXES
Peak in ‘Heidi’ ALP
Place for a soccer player’s guard SHIN
Pound of poetry EZRA
Prophetic signs OMENS
Runs off with TAKES
Sand dune, e.g HILL
School near Windsor Castle ETON
Smallpox vaccination memento SCAR
Some multifunction printer transmissions FAXES
Sorceress who turned men to boars CIRCE
Stretchy fastener RUBBERBAND
Strike out, in a way OMIT
They give sitters the jitters IMPS
Trendy reducing plans FADDIETS
Valuable rock ORE
Vessel at a refinery OILER
Virginia who wrote ‘Mrs. Dalloway’ WOOLF
Word after weight or waiting ROOM
Word processing option FONT
Words before snuff or scratch UPTO
Words similar to 47-Across ISAY
Yell ‘Heads up!’ to, say WARN
___ Lee cakes SARA