USA Today – Jul 9 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Don’t give up!’ KEEPATIT
‘I’m fine with that’ SUITSME
‘Then what?’ AND
‘___ Destroy You’ IMAY
Accept a lesser option SETTLE
Actress ___ Maria Orozco ANA
Alabama’s state nut PECAN
Apt surname for a bass player LOWE
Arabic name meaning ‘flourishing’ OMAR
Art studio stand EASEL
Bacalhau fish COD
Beef cut named for a letter TBONE
Birthplace of Doris Miller WACOTEXAS
Body part with a lid EYE
Cabbie’s vehicle TAXI
Cardigans and blouses TOPS
Cereal with a rabbit mascot TRIX
Chicago dog seasoning CELERYSALT
Citizen of the only country whose name starts with O OMANI
City of El ___ PASO
Companion animal PET
Concept related to samsara KARMA
Cooked up MADE
Design detail, for short SPEC
Farm animals that work more slowly than horses OXEN
Figure on the bottom line TOTAL
Figure skating jump AXEL
Food benefits acronym SNAP
Fruit with white flesh LYCHEE
Gives temporarily LENDS
Horse rider’s strap REIN
Hostess ___ Balls SNO
Jacket layer LINING
Measure that makes cigarettes more expensive TOBACCOTAX
Mobile data statistic USAGE
Molecule components ATOMS
Natural gas doesn’t have one ODOR
Nose-related NASAL
Outro’s opposite INTRO
Part of twilight DUSK
Piece of softball equipment BAT
Ponzu and mole SAUCES
Postal service worker CLERK
Psychedelic shirt style TIEDYE
Public perception IMAGE
Pulao veggie PEA
Refueling break PITSTOP
Roundtable group PANEL
Shepherded LED
Singer Turner TINA
Skin care product FACECREAM
Some bags TOTES
Steamed Tibetan dumpling MOMO
Step before rinse and repeat LATHER
Strongly encourage URGE
Supernatural signs OMENS
Tedious person BORE
Test for lawyers BAREXAM
The ‘L’ in UCLA LOS
Time of the week for al pastor TACOTUESDAY
Toenail treatment, for short PEDI
Trees related to zelkovas ELMS
Tutankhamun’s mask, for example RELIC
Two-team track meets DUALS
Video snippet CLIP
Way out EXIT
Whale that might have a dorsal cape ORCA
What a cryptogram is written in CODE
Word before a former name NEE
Works out with weights LIFTS
www.kenyon.___ EDU
Zen garden items STONES
___ and Fox Nation SAC
___ between the lines READ
___ down (resign) STEP
___ up (agitated) RILED
___-new BRAND

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