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USA Today – Jun 1 2019

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Clues Answers
‘D.O.A’ movie genre NOIR
‘Long as I Live’ singer Braxton TONI
‘Look, I did it!’ TADA
‘That couldn’t happen!’ NOWAY
12-Down giver, briefly PROF
Allay, as fears EASE
Ants, to anteaters DIET
Bauxite, to aluminum ORE
Bulletproof garments VESTS
Cartoon gadget seller ACME
Clear out of VACATE
Cologne unit OUNCE
Composer’s piece TUNE
Course ender, often EXAM
Creator of a talking tortoise AESOP
Cried on cue, say ACTED
Deluxe hotel offerings SUITES
Desired, as a result HOPEDFOR
Dictation taker’s need STENOPAD
Dog-paddled, say SWAM
Drape alternative BLIND
Eden refugee ADAM
Excessive amount PLETHORA
Far from ferocious DOCILE
Figure-hugging SNUG
Float rider’s gesture WAVE
Florida’s ‘Horse Capital’ OCALA
G7 member nation USA
Groupie’s hero IDOL
Hand out in shares ALLOT
Heavyweights’ contest SUMO
Hertz competitor AVIS
In pursuit of AFTER
Irish sporting dog SETTER
Is the cause of nose-holding REEKS
Lab-generated copy CLONE
Ladled drink, often FRUITPUNCH
Librarian’s hand stamp DATER
Like a tearful emoji SAD
Like deuces, sometimes WILD
Like pro wrestling matches STAGED
Like-minded voting group BLOC
Mosquito barrier MESH
Mum performer MIME
Mushroom morsel STEM
New Haven enrollee ELI
Numbers on toy boxes AGES
Opening for a keycard SLOT
Order to a new knight ARISE
Oz road unit BRICK
Packed with customers BUSY
Patient one’s tactic WAITINGGAME
Perry of fashion ELLIS
Phone charger part CORD
Portly, mustachioed president TAFT
Puppies’ bites NIPS
Regret bitterly RUE
Rhinos’ weapons HORNS
Seekers of a missing person SEARCHPARTY
Separate wheat from chaff THRESH
Shake awake ROUSE
Share a border with ABUT
Shelf resident of kid-lit ELF
Snakes that issue warnings RATTLERS
Snap, Crackle and Pop, e.g TRIO
Space station’s path ORBIT
Studied carefully, with ‘over’ PORED
Tailor’s goal PERFECTFIT
Think-tank nugget IDEA
Tree surgeon’s tool SAW
Urban fleet unit TAXI
Villagers in Seuss tales WHOS
Was behind, in a way OWED
With no guarantee ASIS
Word before plate or potato HOT
Works on a first draft EDITS
Worthy of gifts, to Santa NICE
___ Goose vodka GREY