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USA Today – Jun 10 2018

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Clues Answers
‘. . . ere I saw ___’ ELBA
‘Tell Mama’ singer James ETTA
‘Understand?’ GETIT
‘You said it!’ AMEN
‘___ day now . . .’ ANY
Act the moocher CADGE
Any of the Florida Keys ISLET
Apple Store buys MACS
Arrive, as darkness SETIN
Auth. unknown ANON
Beatty of ‘Deliverance’ NED
Bitter ___ (purgative) ALOES
Blog or diary JOURNAL
Blow off steam RANT
Brits’ buggies PRAMS
Buyer of souls SATAN
Cheese in a red rind EDAM
City east of Saint-Lo CAEN
Clown’s props STILTS
Colon, in an emoticon EYES
Cuba ___ Jr. of ‘Jerry Maguire’ GOODING
Dictator’s stand-in, perhaps BODYDOUBLE
Drug sold at dispensaries CANNABIS
Drywall supports STUDS
Ear-piercing NOISY
Edits, as a budget REVISES
Exhibit poor posture STOOP
Filtered email SPAM
Flooring wood OAK
Flounder’s cousin SOLE
Fridge incursion RAID
Having the right stuff ABLE
It may be whiffed ODOR
Jessica of ‘Sin City’ ALBA
Lecher’s feeling LUST
Left Bank river SEINE
Lewis Carroll’s hunted beast SNARK
Life line’s locale PALM
Clues Answers
Lo-cal beer brand LITE
Make a mockery of JAPE
Mosque tower MINARET
Necessarily involved ENTAILED
Opponents of ‘us’ THEM
Peter who played Mr. Moto LORRE
Piece near a sofa ENDTABLE
Prefix meaning ‘billionth’ NANO
Present containing fruit GIFTBASKET
Purposely skip over OMIT
Reaches, as a goal ATTAINS
Really likes, hippie-style DIGS
Regenerist skin care brand OLAY
Relaxing soak BUBBLEBATH
Reports in a biased way SLANTS
River through Aragon EBRO
Rundgren of rock TODD
Sailor’s time off LEAVE
Sneaks a peek LOOKS
Sound from a cote COO
Sources of valued fur SABLES
Start the bidding OPEN
Suitcase attachment IDTAG
Supermarket option PLASTICBAG
Surpasser of Ty Cobb PETEROSE
Tailor’s chalk mineral TALC
Tale of heroic exploits SAGA
Thompson of ‘Selma’ TESSA
Under the weather ILL
War zone reporter EMBED
Wetlands grasses SEDGES
What x may do, in algebra VARY
Without peer ALONE
Word after ‘Bats:’ on a baseball card LEFT
___ Major (Sirius’ constellation) CANIS
___ one’s time (waits) BIDES
___-ray (disc format) BLU