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USA Today – Jun 10 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Don’t get caught looking at this’ letters NSFW
‘Dude . . .’ BRO
‘Let’s ___’ (Earth, Wind & Fire hit) GROOVE
‘Lift Every Voice and ___’ SING
‘Who ___ you, anyway?’ ASKED
‘Yes, I see that’ SOITSEEMS
‘___ Sweet Day’ ONE
2021 Pixar film LUCA
@___catsofinstagram (account with pics from NYC delis) BODEGA
A smaller amount LESS
Absurd statements NONSENSE
Approached NEARED
Biblical garden EDEN
Border EDGE
Broke like a Kit Kat SNAPPED
Catchers and bakers wear them MITTS
Cheese growth MOLD
City home to Europe’s oldest Chinese community LIVERPOOL
Clog or platform SHOE
Cold and ___ medicine FLU
Cook at a cookout GRILL
Dayton’s state OHIO
Deluges FLOODS
DVR brand TIVO
Each, without exception EVERY
Event with markdowns SALE
Ewe’s baby LAMB
Falls behind LAGS
Flowing and freezing dance POPANDLOCK
Fly high SOAR
French farewell ADIEU
French fashion label DIOR
Grp. co-founded by W. E. B. Du Bois NAACP
Hammer’s target NAIL
Hamster relative VOLE
Have a leaning TEND
Hunter constellation ORION
Image file format GIF
It might be bad or bright IDEA
It’s obscured during a lunar eclipse MOON
Long, loose garment ROBE
Medium-sized wildcat OCELOT
MLB fielding awards GOLDGLOVES
Movie FILM
Niqab, for example VEIL
Numero antes de siete SEIS
Oil grp OPEC
Part of the woodwind family OBOE
Passover feast SEDER
Prefix meaning ‘bad’ MAL
Radio letters with a slash between them AMFM
Regret deeply RUE
Ropa vieja is considered its national dish CUBA
Short fiction books such as ‘Binti’ NOVELLAS
Song for one singer SOLO
State capital near Seminole, for short OKC
Succumbing to adoration FALLINGINLOVE
Sunburn soother ALOE
Support continuously SUSTAIN
Swelling reducer ICE
The Yankees, on sports tickers NYY
They’re said at weddings IDOS
Tomb raider Croft LARA
Troubles WOES
U.S. language ASL
Unsettling EERIE
Weimaraner’s floppy feature EAR
Where to sit for a tea ceremony FLOOR
Widely adored person ICON
___ diagram (infographic with overlapping circles) VENN
___ gobi ALOO
___ out a victory (barely won) EKED
___ up (leading to) TEEING
___ wave (mathematical curve) SINE