USA Today – Jun 11 2018

Clues Answers
‘America’s Got Talent’ lineup ACTS
‘The Butler’ director Daniels LEE
1977 movie predator ORCA
24-Across truant AWOL
Acknowledged an ovation BOWED
All-night bash RAVE
All-out attempt COLLEGETRY
At a fast clip, poetically APACE
Be in the hole OWE
Boot camp locale FORT
Bully’s demand from a 3-Down LUNCHMONEY
Bully’s target, often NERD
Caddie’s pocketful TEES
Catchers’ or goalies’ gear MITTS
Checkout counter device CARDREADER
Chipotle order TACO
Clothing rack divisions SIZES
Creole and Swiss Amish, for two DIALECTS
Drive-sharing group CARPOOL
Eligible for Mensa SMART
Evenly matched EQUAL
Fabric or hair applications DYES
Fallon monologue bit JOKE
Feeble, as excuses go LAME
Feline, to a tot KITTYCAT
Figures on Wheaties boxes ATHLETES
Ford a stream, say WADE
Gain through effort EARN
Gladiator’s milieu ARENA
Goodies for gala attendees SWAG
Grows tiresome PALLS
Guiding belief TENET
Harsh criticism FLAK
Having a long history OLD
Hips, elbows, etc JOINTS
Hurtled along SPED
In need of extinguishing AFLAME
JetBlue competitor DELTA
Lacking company LONE
Clues Answers
Lawn repair need SOD
Like a cappuccino’s topping FROTHY
Like company cars, often LEASED
Literary miser Marner SILAS
Lizzie Borden’s weapon, allegedly AXE
Locksmiths’ duplications KEYS
Matt of ‘Wayward Pines’ DILLON
Organ above the diaphragm LUNG
Patriotic lapel pin FLAG
Penguin’s perch FLOE
Places for peas PODS
Planter’s packetful SEEDS
Printomatic camera maker KODAK
Rapid blinking, e.g TIC
Resell, as a fixer-upper FLIP
Resigner’s cry IQUIT
Rogen of ‘Sausage Party’ SETH
Schoolroom cut-up CLASSCLOWN
See 37-Down LANE
Shops in barrios BODEGAS
Skirt for the demure MAXI
Slumber party chatter GIRLTALK
Smog watchdog org EPA
Soda bottle sizes LITERS
Sprinter’s statistic TIME
State confidently AVER
Strip the rind from PARE
Taken by spoon ORAL
Takes a siesta DOZES
Takes the edge off DULLS
Tales spanning generations SAGAS
The Hartford symbol STAG
Unaffiliated pol IND
Undulating swimmers EELS
Vase inserts STEMS
Vodka go-with TONIC
Weekend ranchers DUDES
With 52-Across, Daily Planet staffer LOIS
Word before news or fur FAKE

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