USA Today – Jun 12 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘. . . should it even come to that’ IFEVER
‘Bridgerton’ title LORD
‘I’ll take that as ___’ ANO
‘No, thanks’ PASS
‘Wheel of Fortune’ turn SPIN
‘Whew!’ feeling RELIEF
‘___ Bad’ (Cardi B song) SHE
A long way off FAR
A while ___ AGO
Additionally TOO
At an end OVER
Be important MATTER
Be very loving DOTE
Bitter beverage ALE
Bring forth ELICIT
Buttery French bread BRIOCHE
Cheese similar to gorgonzola STILTON
City where ships dock PORT
Color of a blood orange’s flesh RED
Computer brand DELL
Cookie with many limited-edition flavors OREO
Courteous POLITE
Crushed it SLAYED
Cummerbund, for example SASH
Device with a PIN pad ATM
Disapproving vote NAY
Dougan, for example TOFU
Easily irritated TESTY
Feel poorly AIL
Fireplace stuff ASH
Frozen drink brand ICEE
GPS abbreviation ETA
GPS abbreviation RTE
Had ham chim peng, for example ATE
Happy-go-lucky CAREFREE
High-waisted denim pants MOMJEANS
Ice cream units PINTS
Lamb’s mom EWE
Language in ‘CODA’ ASL
Licenses, passports, etc IDS
Like most notebook paper LINED
Like the Cantonese language TONAL
Moisten while roasting BASTE
Office fill-in TEMP
One more time AGAIN
Org. that designates World Heritage Sites UNESCO
Papa rellena ingredient POTATO
Piglet’s mom SOW
Place to get an algae wrap SPA
Place where grapes are grown VINEYARD
Rapper with an alter ego named Trap Lavigne RICONASTY
Republic on the Baltic Sea ESTONIA
Response to a wedding officiant IDO
Restore to wellness HEAL
Rework EDIT
Sauce made with orange juice MOJO
Schoolyard playtime RECESS
Sheds tears CRIES
Shoo-___ (sure winners) INS
Simian animal APE
Sister of Danielle and Alana ESTE
Speaks formally ORATES
Spiders can’t blink theirs EYES
Still in the game ALIVE
Taoist tower PAGODA
Tapenade ingredients OLIVES
Teething rings soothe them GUMS
The Peach State GEORGIA
Throw away TOSS
Toy brick LEGO
Tunes that help reduce caller hangups MUSICONHOLD
Unit equal to 2,000 pounds TON
Untroubled state EASE
Venison ___ buco OSSO
What Tuesday evening might be TACONIGHT
World’s highest mountain above sea level EVEREST
___ out (gives shape to) FLESHES

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