USA Today – Jun 13 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Absolutely I do’ YES
‘Do ___ favor . . .’ MEA
‘Either way is fine with me’ IMEASY
‘It’s fun to stay at the ___’ YMCA
‘Say cheese!’ device CAMERA
‘That doesn’t ___ right with me’ SIT
‘Without further ___ . . .’ ADO
Absorb with bread SOPUP
Actress in ‘Abbott Elementary’ and Broadway’s ‘Dreamgirls’ SHERYLLEERALPH
Amounts of laundry LOADS
Ark of the Covenant wood ACACIA
Australian ‘bear’ KOALA
Batteries for a Game Boy AAS
Bring upon yourself INCUR
Bun dipped in soy sauce and vinegar BAO
Catch some rays SUNBATHE
Catwoman actress Kitt EARTHA
Composition for a Lit class ESSAY
Country on the Bab el-Mandeb Strait YEMEN
Creative spelling of ‘wrecked’ used by gamers REKT
Employees being shown the ropes TRAINEES
Ending for ‘yee-‘ or ‘hee-‘ HAW
Extremely VERY
French pigeon in ‘An American Tail’ HENRI
Genre related to punk EMO
Giggle sound HEEHEE
Ginger ___ ALE
Give a hard time HASSLE
Graham cracker treats SMORES
Have a longing YEARN
Holds protectively CRADLES
Internet address URL
Items for drivers with small children CARSEATS
Keeps in the loop via email CCS
Letters after a dentist’s name DDS
Like a boat with holes in it LEAKY
More, in Spanish MAS
Mornings (Abbr.) AMS
Mouths off to SASSES
Name that sounds like two letters ELLEN
Name that sounds like two letters KATY
Nickname that drops ‘ley’ WES
Not a single soul NOONE
Nudge into action PROD
One of two on a tricycle PEDAL
Pasta sauce brand RAGU
Piece of celery STALK
Pod veggie PEA
Positive feedback PRAISE
Presidents’ No. 2s VPS
Prophet SEER
Rejections NOS
Savings plan with a Roth variety IRA
Sewing tool NEEDLE
Shaken instrument MARACA
Skating surface ICE
Sleep during preschool NAP
South Asian currency SRILANKANRUPEE
Spew enthusiasm GUSH
Star’s place SKY
Street that divides Kansas and Missouri STATELINEROAD
Submitted from afar SENTIN
Tall and thin LANKY
Tantalizing smell AROMA
Went uninterrupted RANON
Winners of the 2000 Super Bowl STLOUISRAMS
Wintry flakes SNOW
With ___ (effortlessly) EASE
Word in four U.S. state names NEW
Word in two U.S. state names CAROLINA
Workers for touring bands ROADIES
___ and outs INS

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