USA Today – Jun 14 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘That’s gotta hurt!’ OUCH
‘We never ___ a chance’ STOOD
‘We’re paying!’ ITSONUS
‘Yikers’ UHOH
‘Yoo-___!’ HOO
‘___Show’ (online educational series) SCI
Abbr. in some business names CORP
Art ___ (Roaring ’20s style) DECO
Attend, like a party GOTO
Behinds, in Canada BUMS
Breakfast grains OATS
Chips and ___ GUAC
Chocula’s title COUNT
Commemorative statues MONUMENTS
Conflicted TORN
Counterpart of online, for short IRL
Cribbage pieces PEGS
Crocs, for example SHOES
Despises HATES
Didn’t assume ASKED
Does some prying SNOOPS
Eggs high in omega-3s ROE
Free ___ (square on a bingo card) SPACE
French for ‘water’ EAU
Gene Demby for ‘Code Switch,’ for one PODCASTER
Genre for Weird Al POLKA
God whose name is an anagram of his sister Ersa ARES
Grind ___ halt TOA
Hacker’s announcement IMIN
Head of a company CEO
Hi-___ graphics RES
Hieroglyphic meaning ‘life’ ANKH
Instrument for Cindy Blackman Santana DRUM
List of dishes MENU
Lousy BAD
Love, in Portuguese AMOR
Lyft alternatives UBERS
Mac alternatives PCS
Male ___ (topic in feminist theory) GAZE
Mammal with quills PORCUPINE
Mythical horse with wings PEGASUS
Openings for sweat PORES
Per person EACH
Poe Dameron actor Oscar ISAAC
Prefix for ‘biography’ AUTO
Prescriptions, for short RXS
Procedure done at 100-120 BPM CPR
Product used in cooking and hair care COCONUTOIL
Pulled vehicles WAGONS
Remove in postproduction EDITOUT
Repetition of sound ECHO
Retro diner orders MALTS
Schmear partner LOX
Scotiabank ___ (Maple Leafs’ home) ARENA
Seeps like slime OOZES
Shout after a magic trick TADA
Something extra, redundantly ADDEDBONUS
Start of a stern warning DONOT
State where ‘Glee’ was set OHIO
Strummed instrument, for short UKE
Suffering after a workout SORE
Supermarket chain since 1982 HMART
Taking estrogen, e.g ONHRT
Teapot part SPOUT
Too-long sentence RUNON
Totally rules ROCKS
Traditional OLDSCHOOL
Train segment CAR
Turn over UPEND
Video accessibility aid, for short CCS
Workout unit REP
___ butter (skin care product) COCOA
___ treatments SPA
___ up (got high) TOKED
___-hit wonder ONE

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