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USA Today – Jun 15 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Pet’ annoyance PEEVE
‘Song Sung Blue’ singer NEILDIAMOND
‘That makes sense’ ISEE
‘The Call of the Wild’ vehicle SLED
‘The Fifer’ painter Edouard MANET
‘You betcha!’ YES
Absorbs, as a loss EATS
Accepting customers OPEN
Alda of ‘Bridge of Spies’ ALAN
All but one ‘The Last Supper’ figure DISCIPLE
Badminton barriers NETS
Be anxious FRET
Big toe woe, often GOUT
Bit of deceit WILE
Bradbury of sci-fi RAY
Call from the flock AMEN
Campbell who sang ‘Galveston’ GLEN
Channel with a downspout GUTTER
Cheese in a baguette BRIE
Chevy destination, in ‘American Pie’ LEVEE
College freshman, typically TEENAGER
Commerce pact since 1994 NAFTA
Constellation component STAR
Convent attire HABIT
Crankcase reservoir OILPAN
Desire, as for knowledge THIRST
Dessert preceder MAINCOURSE
Due credit, informally PROPS
Far from polite CRASS
Flock tender of rhyme BOPEEP
Foundry byproduct SLAG
Get really steamed BOIL
Give one’s two cents OPINE
Go backpacking HIKE
Go for a lure BITE
Gothic window feature ARCH
Had a hunch SENSED
Helpful nudges HINTS
Identifies on Facebook TAGS
Clues Answers
Import with a four-ring logo AUDI
Item in an altar exchange WEDDINGRING
Judge-and-jury venue TRIALCOURT
Keystone State city ERIE
Lacking the knack for BADAT
Latticework strip LATH
Like a 1953 Aston Martin RARE
Like bar peanuts SALTED
Make refinements to EMEND
Mekong River land LAOS
Mocked, in a way APED
Muffin grain OAT
NBC sketch show SNL
Planning session offering IDEA
Postgraduates’ projects THESES
Pursuer of Capone NESS
Queenside castle, e.g MOVE
Raises, as a monument ERECTS
Rodeo bovine STEER
Room in a sultan’s palace, once HAREM
Saloon shelf array RYES
Schedule for later DEFER
Sci-fi crew members ETS
Shire of ‘Rocky’ movies TALIA
Sloth’s hangout TREE
Smith’s block ANVIL
Smokehouse offerings HAMS
Stampeding group HERD
Stopover managed by a keeper INN
Strike out at ASSAIL
Structure built around a keel HULL
Swiped item CARD
Time for eggnog YULE
Unexpected stroke of luck FLUKE
Went kaput DIED
Whence the Magi EAST
Without peer ALONE
___ Grey tea EARL