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USA Today – Jun 15 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in USA Today Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Come again?’ WHAT
‘Hear, hear!’ AMEN
‘Miss You Much’ singer Jackson JANET
‘Same difference’ TOMAYTOTOMAHTO
‘Same!’ SOAMI
‘Who said ___?’ THAT
‘You got ___!’ THIS
‘___ about time!’ ITS
2022 Super Bowl champions RAMS
A scientific study in 2022 classified their creme texture as ‘mushy’ OREOS
Abby Roque’s Olympic team USA
Accept blame for OWN
All-out brawl MELEE
Animated explorer Marquez DORA
Apiece EACH
Auction offers BIDS
Author ___ J. Gaines ERNEST
Bathing place TUB
Black ___ (country music organization) OPRY
Brought from wild to mild TAMED
Chazuke ingredient TEA
Cheerleading jumps TOETOUCHES
Chip away at ERODE
Coastline recess INLET
Cook on a spit ROAST
Course of action PLAN
Degrees held by some CFOs MBAS
Delivery stat ETA
Diplomatic etiquette PROTOCOL
Drawing and architecture, for example ARTS
Ear part LOBE
Fight ___ good fight THE
Fly like an eagle SOAR
Fun-size MINI
Gold, in Spanish ORO
Hang loosely LOLL
Home hidden in a tree NEST
House with an ice window IGLOO
Lack of problems EASE
Last Greek letter OMEGA
Loud, damaging weather events HAILSTORMS
Mail carrier’s circuits ROUTES
Metal suit for a knight ARMOR
Muscles bared by crop tees ABS
Nonkosher sandwiches BLTS
Not long ___ AGO
Not much ATAD
Nut butter holder JAR
Overly assertive BOSSY
Pixar title fish NEMO
Pizzazz OOMPH
Place to build sandcastles BEACH
Playfully shy COY
Pre-cooking work PREP
Prosperous period BOOM
Protein in sayur lodeh TEMPEH
Rank in kendo DAN
Ready, willing and ___ ABLE
Red ___ (fruits in Chinese soups) DATES
Rhyme and synonym for ‘Yay!’ HOORAY
Second-tallest structure in Japan TOKYOTOWER
Self-indulgent pursuit EGOTRIP
Serena, to Venus, for short SIS
Showbiz ‘grand slam’ EGOT
Small fruit pastries TARTS
Small snack BITE
Some singers, rangewise ALTOS
Spheres in a fruit salad MELONBALLS
Statutes LAWS
The second O in OTOH OTHER
Third-largest city in Italy NAPLES
Tight-fitting SNUG
Turned bad SOURED
Vehicle with a cockpit PLANE
Zhang, Jones, Suzuki, etc SURNAMES
___ Water Protectors (Hawaiian activist group) OAHU
___-prone skin ACNE
___-Seltzer ALKA