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USA Today – Jun 16 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Aw, nuts!’ DRAT
‘One more thing . . .’ ALSO
‘Rope-a-dope’ boxer ALI
‘Yes to that!’ AMEN
0 deg., at the equator LAT
400-meter loop, perhaps LAP
A ‘South Park’ kid STAN
Accessory with a muumuu LEI
Ad-skipping device TIVO
Affectedly cultured ARTY
All squared away EVEN
Annoying, like gnats PESKY
Behaves like a brat ACTSUP
Boot camp? DRILLBASE
Buck of country’s Buckaroos OWENS
Bumped off SLEW
Butter beans, by another name LIMAS
Catches in the act NABS
City east of Syracuse UTICA
Clear overlay ACETATE
Cloudless sky’s hue AZURE
D.C. nine NATS
Daly of ‘Judging Amy’ TYNE
Deli sandwich, briefly BLT
Describing in great detail Allabout
Dwarf planet beyond Pluto ERIS
Ewok or Klingon ALIEN
File folder feature TAB
Flea market units STALLS
Furrow, as one’s brows KNIT
Fuss at the mirror PREEN
George or Placid LAKE
Grouchoesque look LEER
Gun seen in ‘Argo’ UZI
Guy with horns and a tail SATAN
Igneous rock, originally LAVA
Illegal baseball application SPIT
In pieces APART
Clues Answers
Irrevocable agreement DONEDEAL
It’s a wrap SARAN
Job for a tailor RIP
Knight or bishop PIECE
Kraft’s decaf brand SANKA
Leave slack-jawed AWE
Like an air freshener’s aroma, perhaps PINEY
Like diehard fans AVID
Lunchbox treat OREO
Mary-in-mourning sculpture PIETA
Mother Teresa, notably NUN
Nick who was wed to Jessica Simpson LACHEY
Not quite all MOST
Nuisance email SPAM
Optimist’s words IHOPE
Pal on the ranch PARD
Parks of civil rights ROSA
Pentathlon part EVENT
Pool hall triangle RACK
Reunion group CLASS
Ross or Tasman SEA
School zone sign SLOW
Shire who played Adrian TALIA
Shots in the dark STABS
Shows fear, perhaps PALES
Somnambulist’s quick jaunt? NAPWALK
Sparkling wine center ASTI
Swear to be true ATTEST
The Miners’ sch UTEP
Times to call, in ads EVES
Travel agent? TRIPBROKER
Vegetarian’s meal? PLANTLUNCH
Vehicle on runners SLED
Vote of opposition NAY
What an insignia denotes RANK
Zoning unit, perhaps ACRE
___ rally (school event) PEP