USA Today – Jun 16 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Jujutsu Kaisen,’ etc ANIME
‘The Dark Knight,’ to ‘Batman Begins’ SEQUEL
‘Turning Red’ hero MEI
‘What ___ ya got?’ ELSE
‘___ seen better days’ IVE
‘___ the dawn of time . . .’ SINCE
A couple TWO
Ability SKILL
Animal such as Jorts or Jean CAT
Ant’s mound HILL
Barbecue briquettes COALS
Barbecue residue ASH
Bell’s sound CHIME
Birthday dessert CAKE
Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
Civil rights leader who asked, ‘Who taught you to hate yourself?’ MALCOLMX
Cooperative mission in the game Destiny RAID
Dangerous RISKY
Digging tool SHOVEL
Do some yarn work KNIT
Doctor for a dog VET
Dollar bills ONES
Dye at a mehndi night HENNA
Fish eggs ROE
Fixture for a flag or a dancer POLE
Gently place LAY
Get a look at SEE
Hanukkah centerpiece MENORAH
Happily ___ after EVER
Hospital worker NURSE
Immigration document VISA
Involuntary movement SPASM
Islamic holiday EID
King Kong, for example APE
Labor group UNION
Lecture series that rhymes with ‘FedEx’ TEDX
Library surfaces DESKS
Manila’s continent ASIA
Meager MERE
Metal-bearing rock ORE
Model’s stance POSE
Monster under a bridge TROLL
Movement created by Asia Jackson that challenges colorism in Filipino media MAGANDANGMORENX
Name that’s another name backward ARI
National Mall trees ELMS
Notable period ERA
Offer for a price SELL
Opening of the Langston Hughes poem with the lines ‘They’ll see how beautiful I am / And be ashamed’ ITOOSINGAMERICA
Part of a guitar or a giraffe NECK
PED XING, for example SIGN
Pencil part ERASER
Pool section with a diving board DEEPEND
Range below alto TENOR
Receipt line TAX
Resident of Italy’s capital ROMAN
Response to ‘Can you take care of this?’ ONIT
Sandal, for example SHOE
Santa ___, California ANA
Shade HUE
Sheer bliss EUPHORIA
Shout YELL
Sleep stage REM
Spanish ‘hello’ HOLA
Two truths and a ___ LIE
Tyrannosaurus ___ REX
UC Berkeley, for short CAL
Use oars ROW
Utah Natives UTES
Viola relative CELLO
Vocal quality TONE
When Nowruz is celebrated MARCHEQUINOX
Xe/___ pronouns XEM
___ and outs INS
___ and relaxation REST
___ into (examine) DELVE
___ Major (bear constellation) URSA
___ vera gel ALOE

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