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USA Today – Jun 17 2018

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Clues Answers
’90s treaty NAFTA
‘Arabian Nights’ hero ALIBABA
‘Quo Vadis’ emperor NERO
‘The War of the Worlds’ invader MARS
Aesop’s industrious insect ANT
An awful lot TONS
Apple-throwing goddess ERIS
Archipelago part ISLE
Available for tomorrow’s lunch LEFTOVER
Be a pest to ANNOY
Betsy in American history ROSS
Boarding pass datum SEAT
Chance at redemption FRESHSTART
Colorful bricks LEGOS
Common kebab meat LAMB
Cranky mood SNIT
Cry out for NEED
D.C.’s Pennsylvania, e.g AVE
Delta customers, e.g FLIERS
Disney’s Lady, e.g SPANIEL
Drags to court SUES
Drink with foam art, perhaps LATTE
Editorial slant BIAS
Eggy Spanish dessert FLAN
Elevator tunes, e.g CANNEDMUSIC
Erte’s style, for short DECO
Fends off AVERTS
From square one ANEW
From ___ (the works) ATOZ
G-man or T-man FED
Gear parts COGS
Ghostly pale ASHY
Give a thumbs-down to VETO
Gives a boost to AIDS
Heredity factors GENES
Home heating option GAS
Ill-disposed AVERSE
Incumbent upon UPTO
Indifferent to hardship STOIC
Clues Answers
Jazzman’s lick RIFF
Jennifer of ‘We’re the Millers’ ANISTON
Like some elephants ASIAN
Line judge’s call OUT
Many Beethoven works SONATAS
Marshy lowland SWALE
Mountaineer’s tool ICEAX
Musical genius, e.g SAVANT
North 40 unit ACRE
Obama health law, for short ACA
Oral vaccine pioneer SABIN
Packs away EATS
Perfumery vessels VIALS
Photo-finish margin NOSE
Place to rent an umbrella BEACH
Place with targets RANGE
Potential sales LEADS
Putt distance unit FOOT
Reviewer’s unit STAR
Roles for movie extras BITPARTS
Rx-approving org FDA
Sambuca flavoring ANISE
Shepard of the Mercury Seven ALAN
Sheriff Taylor’s boy OPIE
Shock of hair TRESS
Squirrel’s construction NEST
Stick up ROB
Strongly urges EXHORTS
Surgeon-turned-politico Carson BEN
The Darlings’ dog NANA
Toiled on a galley OARED
Trendy smoothie fruit ACAI
Turns loose FREES
Unsellable possession of a sort FROZENASSET
USO show attendees GIS
What self-effacing folks lack EGOS
Where the elated walk ONAIR
Word that can follow the first parts of 17-Across and 10- and 24-Down VEGETABLES