USA Today – Jun 17 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Just gimme a ___!’ SEC
‘Let It Go’ singer in ‘Frozen’ ELSA
‘Obvi!’ DUH
‘Previously, on . . . ‘ segment RECAP
‘See ya!’ LATER
Abbr. on an envelope ATTN
Agenda part ITEM
Airplane compartment CABIN
Algebra notebook sheets GRAPHPAPER
Ambassadors, e.g DIPLOMATS
Applaud CLAP
Area that’s mowed LAWN
Bears’ lairs DENS
Black-and-white bears PANDAS
Brass instrument that weighs around 30 pounds TUBA
Calligraffiti, e.g ART
Calligraphy tool PEN
Can’t stand HATE
Carrot relative PARSNIP
Cat part with a unique print NOSE
Childbirth specialists DOULAS
Chow ___ MEIN
Christmas tree dropping PINENEEDLE
Close by NEAR
Convention freebies SWAG
Creature in pursuit of Captain Hook, for short CROC
Device with a snooze button ALARMCLOCK
Elbow location ARM
Folklore beast OGRE
Genetic material sequenced by PCR DNA
Greet at the door SEEIN
Heist goods LOOT
Hightailed it RAN
Jojoba ___ (hair product) OIL
Kate Moennig’s character on ‘The L Word’ SHANE
Lacking refinement CRUDE
Large event space ARENA
Leaning Tower city PISA
Let in again READMIT
Like some blond hair DYED
Lizard with prominent eyes CHAMELEON
Looked at EYED
Mama sheep EWES
Mauna ___ LOA
Mutabal or queso, e.g DIP
Nobelist and novelist Morrison TONI
Not outgoing SHY
NPR reports it NEWS
Orlando Pride, e.g SOCCERTEAM
Peninsula home to many Bedouins SINAI
People also known as the Nimiipuu NEZPERCE
Performed onstage ACTED
Place for docking PIER
Pronoun before ‘shalt not’ THOU
Quick snooze NAP
Rainforest home to the Goliath birdeater spider AMAZON
Read over quickly SKIM
Salicylic acid target ACNE
Savings plan initials IRA
Senses of self EGOS
Sixty minutes HOUR
Some Roxane Gay works ESSAYS
Spotted SAW
Story trajectories ARCS
Study at the last minute CRAM
Talk like this, he does YODA
Tax evader’s dread AUDIT
They’re logged into with usernames and passwords ACCOUNTS
Throw to a teammate PASS
Top-story room ATTIC
Tubular pasta PENNE
Turkey’s national flower TULIP
Tweak, like writing EDIT
What some toy blocks are made of WOOD
Word before ‘blue’ or ‘flush’ ROYAL
___-up (repressed) PENT
___grain cereal MULTI

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