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USA Today – Jun 18 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Ain’t happenin” NOPE
‘Fancy’ singer McEntire REBA
‘I, Claudius’ wraps TOGAS
‘School’s Out’ singer Cooper ALICE
Angry cat’s warning HISS
Arrange by size, say SORT
Backspace over, say ERASE
Bacon unit SLICE
Big name in van rental RYDER
Bishop’s jurisdiction EPISCOPALSEE
Brings to a standstill HALTS
Bruno with 11 Grammys MARS
Bullets with visible trails TRACERS
Business workshop SEMINAR
Carp in a garden pond KOI
Chief god of Valhalla ODIN
Come-from-behind effort RALLY
Committed to SETON
Common casserole ingredient TUNA
Contributing element FACTOR
Dinosaur buff’s outing, maybe FOSSILDIG
Do some hemming, say SEW
Do the crawl, say SWIM
Down-lined abode NEST
Elite invitees ALIST
Evidence of rotting ODOR
Exhausting journey TREK
Fall off the wagon LAPSE
Features of some ryes SEEDS
Fundraiser’s plea GIVE
Gaels and Welsh CELTS
Gel-yielding plant ALOE
Happy hour buy, perhaps ALE
Have a late meal SUP
Having cold feet HESITANT
Hear in court TRY
Idina Menzel’s ‘Frozen’ role ELSA
Jessica of ‘Fantastic Four’ ALBA
Joke writer’s asset WIT
Clues Answers
Leaning a bit ATILT
Leave the stage EXIT
Like beer in coolers ICED
Like unwritten history ORAL
Links rarity ACE
Lugosi of horror movies BELA
Mandrake of comics, e.g MAGICIAN
Mars vehicle ROVER
Missing union boss Jimmy HOFFA
Moistens, in a way DEWS
Nearly unnoticeable TINY
Newton of physics ISAAC
Organs in sockets EYES
Party platter purveyor DELI
Petal-plucker’s pronoun SHE
Places for chemical peels SPAS
Political takeover COUP
Produced foliage LEAFED
Punt returner’s signal FAIRCATCH
Radiate, as confidence EXUDE
Ring champ’s adopted surname ALI
Sad news item OBIT
Seek divine help from PRAYTO
Sewer system scurrier RAT
Show cowardice RUN
Sit for a portrait POSE
Skirts in Austin Powers movies MINIS
Sty fare SLOP
Sword with a blunt tip EPEE
Tabloid pic subject UFO
Tide pool dweller STARFISH
TV show summaries SYNOPSES
Voice of many smartphones SIRI
Waistline unit INCH
Word-for-word meaning LITERALSENSE
Words to a lifesaver MYHERO
Workplace oversight org OSHA
World capital with a ski museum OSLO