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USA Today – Jun 19 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Are we there ___?’ YET
‘Dennis the Menace’ girl GINA
‘___ Autumn’ (Woody Herman hit) TIS
1-Downs, e.g ICONS
Advil alternative ALEVE
Alda of ‘The Longest Ride’ ALAN
Among the clouds ALOFT
Antioxidant-rich berry ACAI
Auto interior protector SEATCOVER
Bench-clearing brawl MELEE
Budget or Dollar alternative AVIS
Buffalo skater SABRE
Buffet stack PLATES
Catches one’s breath RESTS
Chamber music woodwind OBOE
Cheer at a futbol game OLE
Clobbered, as with hail PELTED
Creator of the Brobdingnagians JONATHANSWIFT
Crocheted blanket AFGHAN
Dance like a dervish WHIRL
Do a critic’s work RATE
Dot on a globe ISLET
Drew back, with ‘away’ SHIED
Emotional damage SCAR
Face in a text, e.g EMOJI
Family leave-taker’s replacement TEMP
Family nickname SIS
Feed store buy OATS
Fusses and fumes STEWS
Gemologist’s unit CARAT
Get bronzed TAN
Get from the ASPCA, perhaps ADOPT
Grid great Marino DAN
Having the right stuff ABLE
Home on a limb NEST
Home with a smoke hole TEPEE
Is deserving of EARNS
Items in 8-Down TVS
Clues Answers
Letters on tires PSI
Martini’s partner in wine ROSSI
Match segments SETS
Mideast theocracy IRAN
Mischief-maker SCAMP
New Haven collegians ELIS
Oater ‘Scram!’ GIT
Opioids watchdog org DEA
Org. with auditors IRS
Phonebooth stuffing et al FADS
Piece on Marvin Gardens, say HOTEL
Places for bug zappers PATIOS
Repair bill segment LABOR
Roadie’s burden AMP
Rooks, but not ravens MEN
Rooms with recliners, often DENS
Sailor’s lurer of myth SIREN
Scored 100 on ACED
Selected at random DREW
Sheepish look GRIN
Situated on ATOP
Some sorority parties TEAS
Speed-of-sound word MACH
Stadium replaced by Citi Field SHEA
Stingray or GTO, informally HOTCAR
Stop pedaling, briefly COAST
Superman, e.g ALIEN
Surfer’s read EZINE
Takes aback DAUNTS
Throw for a loop FAZE
Turned 9-Across PALED
Unhealthy-looking PASTY
Wedding reception feature TOAST
Winning gambler’s cry IMONAROLL
Word with New or Golden AGER
Words ending in ‘-phobia’ FEARS
Workers with antennae ANTS
Yom Kippur observance RELIGIOUSFAST