USA Today – Jun 19 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Cut that out!’ ENOUGH
‘Do ___ others . . .’ UNTO
‘Don’t leave!’ STAY
‘Hard pass!’ NOPE
‘I didn’t want it anyway!’ attitude SOURGRAPES
‘I don’t ___ why not’ SEE
‘Look what I just did!’ TADA
‘Not gonna happen’ UHUH
‘The ___ Family’ PROUD
‘This is awful!’ OHNO
Alex and ___ jewelry ANI
All ready SET
Available for use ONHAND
Baking ___ SODA
Basic belief TENET
Bit of recognition from the Television Academy EMMYNOD
Bit of trash talk TAUNT
Campus courtyard QUAD
Card game for two WAR
Cargo container weight unit TON
Cashless exchange BARTER
Chinese for ‘old’ LAO
Dawn’s counterpart DUSK
Declare false DENY
Eggs used by a sushi chef ROE
Every ___ and cranny NOOK
Exam for a H.S. junior PSAT
Expansive properties ESTATES
Faux ___ PAS
Food regimens DIETS
Foot bottoms SOLES
French for ‘head’ TETE
Go bad ROT
Gourd used in a Chinese soup WINTERMELON
Hazardous household 30-Down RADON
Hideout LAIR
Hotel customer GUEST
Insect in a colony ANT
It might come attached to a fresh orange STEM
Lake about an hour from Reno TAHOE
Love deeply ADORE
Make ecstatic ELATE
Mulligans REDOS
Multi-seat bike TANDEM
Namjoon’s group BTS
Obtained GOTTEN
One of the states of matter GAS
Part of a door or a laptop HINGE
Part of the body’s endocrine system GLAND
Paste for tonjiru MISO
Place for kites SKY
Places that sell pasta salads DELIS
Prescription amount DOSE
Religious subgroup SECT
Sailor’s salutation AHOY
School transcript stat GPA
Scorch slightly SINGE
Segue in a text BTW
Sinkside scrubber SPONGE
Store’s brief promotion ONEDAYSALE
Swirl in a stream EDDY
Take to court SUE
Tehran resident IRANIAN
They’re like scallions but with a stronger flavor SPRINGONIONS
Toni Morrison’s birth state OHIO
Trees with cones PINES
Unforthcoming COY
Unit of electrical current AMPERE
Used a tissue or a trumpet BLEW
Wear away ERODE
Website with auctions EBAY
Websites with posts BLOGS
Word after ‘meal’ or ‘SAT’ PREP
Workers in publishing houses (Abbr.) EDS
www.carleton.___ EDU
Zucchini, for example SUMMERSQUASH
___ and crafts ARTS
___ eye (makeup look) SMOKY

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