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USA Today – Jun 20 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Half’ or ‘full’ wrestling holds NELSONS
‘Musta been someone else’ NOTME
‘Right this minute!’ NOW
1791 Mozart opera TheMagicFlute
1955 Nabokov novel LOLITA
Air Force hotshot ACE
Alimony payers EXES
An original sinner ADAM
As one wishes ATWILL
Barber’s quickie TRIM
Bert who played a ‘fraidy-cat’ LAHR
Bible preposition UNTO
Black widow attack BITE
Born in Bern, say SWISS
Bread for sliders BUNS
Bridge charge TOLL
Bugs big-time IRKS
Chinese takeout freebie RICE
Coals, on snowmen EYES
Colorful General Mills cereal TRIX
Computer expert, slangily WHIZ
Create pigtails BRAID
Derive benefit from USE
Did a washday chore SORTED
Does a teamster’s work HAULS
Executes perfectly NAILS
Far from optimistic GRIM
Feature of a toy dart SUCTIONCUP
Fuzz in a dryer trap LINT
Google Glass downloads APPS
Graceless sorts OAFS
Gradually lessens EBBS
Grew choppers TEETHED
Grow less visible, as the moon WANE
Having the know-how ABLE
Head table’s area DAIS
Help a bench-presser SPOT
Help a vacationing friend, perhaps HOUSESIT
Humdinger LULU
Clues Answers
Jon Arbuckle’s drooling dog ODIE
Line from Groucho QUIP
Mad Hatter’s service TEASET
Many tailless primates APES
NASCAR’s Earnhardt Sr. or Jr DALE
No challenge at all EASY
Overcharge during a shortage, say GOUGE
Paddock fare OATS
Partner of Alice B. Toklas GERTRUDESTEIN
Perfumery container VIAL
Play starter ACTI
Plays a kazoo HUMS
Portraitists’ paints OILS
Posh London hotel RITZ
Problem-solver’s shout AHA
Product of 32-Down milling BRAN
Really bugged, with ‘off’ TEED
Regard as identical EQUATE
Remove, Stalin-style PURGE
Retired sprinter Bolt USAIN
Revolutionary Guard nation IRAN
Samberg of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ ANDY
Scoreboard tally POINTS
Select invitees ALIST
Slushy drink at Burger King ICEE
Sound from Big Ben BONG
Source of hash browns, informally TATER
Storefront panel PLATEGLASS
Talk big BRAG
They’re paid at memorials RESPECTS
Tiny bit WHIT
Unruly tyke BRAT
Vampire’s avoidance SUN
Vegan burger base, perhaps SOY
Wiener schnitzel meat VEAL
Word before bar or torch TIKI
Word before Majesty or nibs HIS
Words spoken with a nod ISEE