USA Today – Jun 20 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Bleugh!’ ICK
‘Don’t beat yourself up’ ITHAPPENS
‘Holy ___!’ MOLY
‘I can’t ___ this enough . . .’ STRESS
‘If the shoe ___ . . .’ FITS
‘It wasn’t my cup of ___’ TEA
‘Keep dreaming!’ ASIF
‘Not joking!’ IMEANIT
‘Stonewall was a ___’ RIOT
‘Ugly Betty’ actress Ortiz ANA
‘What?’ HUH
Airplane walkways AISLES
Alice Coltrane instrument HARP
Apple pie ___ mode ALA
Bit of expert advice PROTIP
Blue cheese alternative RANCH
Bunny’s bounce HOP
Cable news channel MSNBC
Cable sports channel ESPN
Canine comment ARF
Capital of Taiwan TAIPEI
Cards on lanyards IDS
Charlotte, to Angelica Pickles MOM
Chula Vista’s state, for short CALI
Coke competitor PEPSI
Contraction that rhymes with ‘little’ ITLL
Difficult HARD
Does an Afro-Latin dance SALSAS
Earth’s is about 4,000 miles RADIUS
Eris Baker’s ‘This Is Us’ role TESS
Fishy, for short SUS
Flightless bird that runs the airline in Animal Crossing DODO
Get a stranger to drive you HITCHARIDE
Gets sums ADDS
Hawaiian taro paste POI
Lion’s lair DEN
Mythical figure who flew too close to the sun ICARUS
Nights before holidays EVES
Not as spicy MILDER
Part of a wineglass STEM
Parts of the eyes RETINAS
Personal watercraft JETSKI
Play matchmaker for SETUP
Plenty of, informally LOTSA
Point the finger at BLAME
Prefix for ‘gravity’ ANTI
Radio station sign ONAIR
Rage Against the Machine genre RAPMETAL
Really busy SLAMMED
Resources in lodes ORES
Rihanna’s ‘shine bright’ song DIAMONDS
Saucy selfie THIRSTTRAP
Scalp problem LICE
Shipping platform that can be upcycled into a coffee table PALLET
Show an emotional response REACT
Sibling’s daughters NIECES
Slightly open AJAR
Smoke tendril WISP
Son, in Spanish HIJO
Sticky and sweet sammie PBJ
Sticky note brand POSTIT
Tacoma time zone PST
Tall haircut with short sides HITOPFADE
Toy grabber in an arcade game CLAW
Transit option RAIL
Tricycle handlebar accessory TASSEL
Tweeter on Twitter, for example USER
Type of tuna AHI
Vegetable in the chicory family ENDIVE
Was lost in thought MUSED
___ cold brew NITRO
___ New Guinea PAPUA
___ of contract BREACH
___ over (temporarily satisfied) TIDED
___/her pronouns SHE

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