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USA Today – Jun 21 2018

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Clues Answers
‘-ite’ mineral, often ORE
‘Black-ish’ network ABC
‘Candy is dandy . . .’ poet NASH
‘Is it soup ___?’ YET
‘Mila 18’ author Leon URIS
‘Pokemon’ cartoon genre ANIME
‘The Price Is Right’ host Drew CAREY
‘The Stranger’ author Albert CAMUS
2015 sequel to the ‘Rocky’ series CREED
A, C and E, on a piano TRIAD
Bean in burritos PINTO
Book with a lock, maybe DIARY
Boxing’s ‘Louisville Lip’ ALI
Bread with a swirl pattern, perhaps RYE
Cancel, on a PC UNDO
Crosses at a ford WADES
Crow’s-nest site MAST
Cultured dairy product YOGURT
Diabolical sort FIEND
Does penance ATONES
Entrepreneur’s asset BUSINESSSENSE
Face, slangily KISSER
Finder’s reward FEE
Fish served with lemon butter SOLE
Foil the plans of THWART
From this moment on HENCE
Gin flavoring SLOE
Grease monkey’s task LUBE
Group with a gifted youth program MENSA
Hard to resolve MESSY
Heavy burden ONUS
Home care giver AIDE
Home to the Browns and Reds OHIO
Hotel freebie ICE
Ill-mannered sort BOOR
Insulting remark GIBE
Lawn grown on farms SOD
Like 1909’s 39-Across SCARCE
Like a white-tie affair FORMAL
Clues Answers
Manchurian border river YALU
Miami hoopsters HEAT
Monarch’s domain REALM
National Guard center ARMORY
Newshound’s pursuit STORY
No longer in debt EVEN
Not in the picture ABSENT
Nutjobs LOONS
One featured in a playbill ACTOR
One of a pair of Skechers SHOE
One of four in a deck ACE
One on your side ALLY
Over half of all email SPAM
Patronize Alamo or Dollar RENT
Penultimate fairy tale word EVER
Periods named for presidents ERAS
Place for a blotter DESK
Pong creator ATARI
Pork portion CHOP
Pride or sloth, e.g SIN
Puff on an e-cig VAPE
Rhoda’s sitcom mother IDA
Rockies ski resort ASPEN
Ryan with seven no-hitters NOLAN
Some English degs MAS
Some glee club members ALTOS
Some olfactory allures PERFUMESCENTS
Started the bidding LED
Stat for a goalie or closer SAVE
Striker’s substitute SCAB
Takes habitually USES
Thoroughbreds’ fathers SIRES
Tree with winged fruits ELM
U.S. coins minted until 1909 INDIANHEADCENTS
Violin bow coating ROSIN
Wonderland bird DODO
Wood in many electric guitar bodies ALDER
Word after Corn or Bible BELT
___ Moss (fashion label) ELLA