USA Today – Jun 21 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Chop chop!’ MAKEITQUICK
‘Go ahead and eat!’ DIGIN
‘Go away!’ SHOO
‘Hold ___ horses!’ YOUR
‘House’ in Spanish CASA
‘Material Girl’ rapper SAUCYSANTANA
‘On ___ of all of us here at . . .’ BEHALF
‘Send good vibes my way!’ PRAYFORME
‘___ in Praise of Menstruation’ (Clifton work) POEM
1990 civil rights law ADA
A cappella group’s merch items CDS
A graysexual person falls under it ACEUMBRELLA
A little wet DAMP
Actress Graham KAT
Advanced H.S. class that covers combustion APCHEM
Archery device BOW
Baby goat KID
Beyond ready EAGER
Blokes GENTS
Bottoms style in between a thong and full-coverage CHEEKYUNDERWEAR
Cartoon explorer whose best friend is Boots DORA
CNN anchor Phillip ABBY
Cooling devices FANS
Crossed paths MET
Curved line ARC
De-wrinkles IRONS
Degree for a curator MFA
Degree for an entrepreneur MBA
Disperse from a huddle BREAK
Drizzle or pour RAIN
Emotional connection BOND
Extravagant publicity HYPE
Facts and figures DATA
Farm structure BARN
Fleeting trend FAD
Forensics TV series CSI
Fruits and veggies at a farmers market FRESHPRODUCE
Give off EMIT
Go on dates with SEE
Gym session that might include bench presses CHESTDAY
Hair-coloring choices DYES
Helping after seconds THIRDS
In need of 16-Down DRY
Lamb’s sound BAA
Lizards that might be kept as pets IGUANAS
Miles ___ hour PER
Name of an instrument or a fish BASS
Nearly all MOST
Nickname for Isaac IKE
Not forthcoming COY
Notion IDEA
Opposite of post- PRE
Otherwise ELSE
Out on the open ocean ATSEA
Person making alfajores BAKER
Possible answer to ‘Who’s hungry?’ IAM
Prefix with ‘mexico’ or ‘space’ AERO
Prodded POKED
Rapper ___ 3000 ANDRE
Region AREA
Regrets RUES
Shortly SOON
Show such as ‘Where Your Eyes Linger’ KDRAMA
Simon ___ (children’s game) SAYS
Site for water yoga POOL
Sofa sides ARMS
Sorority symbolized by the ivy leaf AKA
Spin on an axis ROTATE
Split in two HALVE
Stashed secretly HID
The ‘E’ in NYE EVE
The Abaia is a giant magical one that protects lakes EEL
The Biloxi wade-___ INS
Tobiko or caviar ROE
Uber competitor LYFT
Vogue competitor ELLE
Website help section FAQ
___ out (barely achieve) EKE

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