USA Today – Jun 22 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Cloud ___’ (Temptations hit) NINE
‘Confound it!’ DARN
‘Don’t sweat the ___ stuff’ SMALL
‘In a way’ SORTA
‘It didn’t work’ NOLUCK
‘On the other hand . . .’ BUT
Annoying person PEST
Athlete with an agent PRO
Baby bird’s sound PEEP
Body part with a cap KNEE
Bowlful often topped with tempura UDONNOODLES
Butter sculptures, for example ART
Button encouraging users to download the latest version UPGRADENOW
Capital home to the Akershus Fortress OSLO
Cell from a fern SPORE
Chloe, to Halle, for short SIS
Christmassy plant POINSETTIA
Coin at an arcade TOKEN
Creature in Tibetan myth YETI
Creatures in some fantasy games ORCS
Despicable VILE
East ___ Taro Festival (event in Hana) MAUI
Even trades SWAPS
Extra periods, for short OTS
Final tally TOTAL
Fly high in the sky SOAR
Follow a command OBEY
Football analyst Scott BART
Furthermore ALSO
Gets some shut-eye NAPS
Golf course numbers PARS
Golf course vehicles CARTS
Guaranteed winner SUREBET
Harbor floaters BUOYS
Homes for fledglings NESTS
Incoming plane stat ETA
Insult each other TRADEBARBS
Jeers from the stands BOOS
Least distant CLOSEST
Like most thrift store wares USED
Make airtight SEAL
Mining geologists’ materials ORES
News anchor’s segue OVERTOYOU
Nine-digit IDs, for short SSNS
Norse explorer Erikson LEIF
Papas DADS
Pass by, like time ELAPSE
Pay for a poker hand ANTE
Pig farm enclosures STIES
Place for a hydromassage SPA
Place to pour Epsom salt TUB
Polaroid output SNAPSHOT
Rank in shogi DAN
Rewards program level TIER
Season ticket holder FAN
Sensitive part of a bloodhound NOSE
Shaved ice flavorer SYRUP
Sierra ___ LEONE
Site of a conch piercing EAR
Skater’s place RINK
Spell-checker’s catch TYPO
Stage constructions SETS
Star on Argentina’s flag SUN
Sunscreen additive ALOE
Supply with a grant ENDOW
The Tian Shan, for example RANGE
Throw in the trash TOSS
Torah holders ARKS
UNESCO and such ORGS
URL beginning HTTP
Vampire teeth FANGS
Word before ‘food’ or ‘mate’ SOUL
Work on a kimono SEW
Works hard for EARNS
___ pajamas FOOTIE
___ Republic of Egypt ARAB
___-Seltzer ALKA

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