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USA Today – Jun 23 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Come to think of it . . .’ SAY
‘Moving right ___ . . .’ ALONG
‘The Plague’ city ORAN
63-Down uniform color GRAY
Adidas subsidiary REEBOK
Airs of invincibility, e.g AURAS
B&B offering ROOM
Barbecue goodie, for short DOG
Bill-signing memento PEN
Blue Stater, for short DEM
Boxcar Willie’s persona HOBO
Brightest star in Cygnus DENEB
Carew in Cooperstown ROD
Cast off one’s skin, say SHED
Catherine of ‘Home Alone’ OHARA
Cause to giggle AMUSE
China-North Korea border river YALU
Chips go-with DIP
Citation-ending abbr ETAL
Club made of metal or fiber, now WOOD
Coastal inlet COVE
Collie of classic TV LASSIE
Common guard dog breed DOBERMAN
Cut, as ties SEVER
D-Day beach OMAHA
Deuce topper TREY
Doubleday of baseball lore ABNER
Enjoyed a personal watercraft JETSKIED
Equestrian’s handful CROP
Everyday article THE
Feathers adhesive, once TAR
Fleecy boot brand UGG
Flooring option TILE
For later use ASIDE
Freezer buildup ICE
Gary who played Buddy Holly BUSEY
General under Davis LEE
Google Glass download APP
Groundskeeper’s grounds ESTATE
Clues Answers
How the Phoenix went down INFLAMES
In the thick of AMID
Inbox notes MEMOS
Insult comic Rickles DON
Lamb or Bacon offering ESSAY
Looks through a keyhole, say PEERS
Make more bearable EASE
Manage to avoid EVADE
Nest-robbing birds JAYS
One with an adventurous streak DARER
Pequod co-owner in ‘Moby-Dick’ PELEG
Place to be pampered SPA
Place to wallow STY
Prone to talk back SASSY
Publicist’s concern IMAGE
Quitter’s words ICANT
Sci-fi escape vessels PODS
See 69-Across HORNE
Silvery food fish SMELT
Song at a service HYMN
Statements of beliefs CREDOS
Stuffed ___ (deli offering) DERMA
Tailors’ folds DARTS
They don’t start BENCHWARMERS
They don’t start SECONDSTRINGERS
They don’t start UNDERSTUDIES
Times to call, in ads EVES
Toiling away ATIT
Top Turk of old PASHA
Toward the rudder AFT
Toy for a snow day SLED
Use elbow grease on SCOUR
With 2-Down, ‘Stormy Weather’ singer LENA
Woodwind with a penetrating sound OBOE
World Cup cheer OLE
Worth of ‘Tiny Alice’ IRENE
___ moment (epiphany) AHA
___ Tafari (Haile Selassie) RAS