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USA Today – Jun 24 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Almighty’ role for Steve Carell EVAN
‘Atlantic City’ director Louis MALLE
‘Cancel’ key ESC
‘Cast Away’ setting ISLE
‘Dumbo’ frame CEL
‘La Bamba’ band LOSLOBOS
‘Susie B’ denomination ONE
10,000,000 ergs JOULE
44-Down holders MUGS
Auto radiator attachment HOSE
Be a pest to BOTHER
Bestows kudos on LAUDS
Board game turn, maybe SPIN
Builders’ milieux JOBSITES
Checkroom item COAT
Cookbook author Paula DEEN
Creatures with blowholes WHALES
Cut and paste, e.g EDIT
Doctor ___ of British sci-fi WHO
Editor’s ‘never mind’ STET
Fail to note OMIT
Fill beyond full SATE
First-stringers ATEAM
Fisherman’s canful, maybe WORMS
Flow like mud OOZE
Food or shelter, e.g NEED
Fruit of the rose family SLOE
Glasgow sun worshipper’s acquisition? SCOTTISHTAN
Guilty feeling SHAME
Imagist poet Pound EZRA
India pale ___ ALE
Just sitting around IDLE
Largest city on the Nile CAIRO
Made good on MET
Member of a pesky swarm GNAT
Muppet who sings ‘Rubber Duckie’ ERNIE
Navajo ___ talkers of WWII CODE
Needed a styptic pencil BLED
Okra units PODS
Clues Answers
One treading the boards ACTOR
Opossum’s grasping appendage TAIL
Outsmarter of a fairy-tale witch GRETEL
Package delivery swindle? SHIPPINGCON
Palindromic word of respect MAAM
Partner of circumstance POMP
Pig’s squeal syllable WEE
Places for corns TOES
Prefix with rail or chrome MONO
Pro-___ (some tourneys) AMS
Public to-do SCENE
Raffle buys CHANCES
Ran like the dickens TORE
Redding who wrote ‘Respect’ OTIS
Reporter’s approach ANGLE
Retrievals from pizzeria dumpsters? RESCUEPIES
Revealing garment for an inseparable pair? DOUBLEMINI
Rioter’s haul LOOT
Rottweiler’s warning GROWL
Shakespearean rival of Paris ROMEO
Shower accessory MAT
Signal to leave a message TONE
Silent greeting WAVE
Snared at a rodeo ROPED
Stadium or church figure USHER
Stellar flare-up NOVA
Sycophants’ replies YESES
Symbolic end of summer LABORDAY
Tadpoles’ homes PONDS
Taiwanese PC maker ACER
Tell-___ (some bios) ALLS
The Auld Sod, poetically ERIN
Trappers’ wares SKINS
Unlikely to disappoint RELIABLE
Vessel in Genesis ARK
View from a mountaintop VISTA
Wasn’t renewed LAPSED
Way past tipsy SMASHED