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USA Today – Jun 25 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Already?’ SOSOON
‘Are you listening?’ HELLO
‘Frozen’ snowman OLAF
‘Home Menu’ frozen foods brand PFCHANGS
‘Oklahoma!’ carriage SURREY
‘Sorry to say . . .’ ALAS
‘That makes sense’ ISEE
35-Across writer POET
A-students’ roster HONORROLL
Amusing bit of trivia FUNFACT
Anti-DDT org EPA
Archie or Jughead, perpetually TEEN
Attired like a chorister ROBED
Auditioner’s goal ROLE
Award similar to a Tony OBIE
Ban or Secret alternative RIGHTGUARD
Be dependent RELY
Beer following a shot CHASER
Bribers grease them PALMS
Business honcho BIGCHEESE
Carpenter’s scraper RASP
Cavalry sidearm SABER
Chew the fat CHAT
Choice word ELSE
Coil in a shed HOSE
Cost of a hand ANTE
Dairy newborn CALF
Dairy Queen stack CONES
Data storage unit MEMORYBANK
Dismounted, e.g ALIT
Dressed to kill NATTY
Drill sergeant’s order HALT
Dutch dairy export EDAM
Easily beatable card in war DEUCE
Enjoy a caramel CHEW
Evictee in Genesis EVE
Firestone feature TREAD
First lady after Eleanor BESS
Fleck in a pipe ASH
Clues Answers
Goes off-target ERRS
Hoarder of acorns SQUIRREL
Ink-producing mollusk SQUID
Johnny Cash’s Sue is one BOY
Lawn intruder WEED
Lead, as a rock band FRONT
Lobster eater’s neckwear BIB
Lower in esteem ABASE
Marinara, e.g REDSAUCE
Mineo of ‘Exodus’ SAL
Monarch’s stand-in REGENT
Morsel for a mare OAT
Murphy heard in ‘Shrek’ EDDIE
Offer a viewpoint OPINE
Oil in Caesar salad OLIVE
On the matter of ASTO
Outspoken CNN anchor DONLEMON
Paint or sculpt, say CREATE
Paper cup brand DIXIE
Perfected through practice HONED
Peter Pan never became one ADULT
Pre-K group TYKES
Presided over HEADED
Reason for a surgical lift SAG
Release, as an odor EMIT
Removed, as a 61-Across HOED
Shutterbug’s buy LENS
Sides in a societal ‘battle’ SEXES
Slow-brewed beer LAGER
Soda machine buy COLA
Speeder detector RADAR
Tempter of 20-Across SERPENT
The Kennedys, e.g CLAN
Tribute in verse ODE
Troubles oneself CARES
Velvety blossom PANSY
Wallaby-hunting canine DINGO
Word after thin or hot AIR
WWII turning point DDAY