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USA Today – Jun 26 2018

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Clues Answers
”Umble’ Uriah of fiction HEEP
‘1 BR’ listing, e.g APT
‘Neato!’ COOL
‘Red ___ at night . . .’ SKY
‘Song Sung Blue’ singer NEILDIAMOND
‘This Is Country Music’ singer BRADPAISLEY
‘We’re in!’ LETS
‘___ Legend’ (Will Smith thriller) IAM
‘___ we there yet?’ ARE
400-meter path, perhaps LAP
687 Earth days, to Mars YEAR
Absorber of carbon dioxide TREE
Act the Lorelei TEMPT
Anti-nuke treaty topic TESTBAN
Balinese or Bhutanese ASIAN
Big ___ (Villanova’s conference) EAST
Bounced payment RUBBERCHECK
Breaks up a relationship ENDSIT
Brothers Grimm offerings TALES
Bundt ___ (bakery utensil) PAN
Calf catchers’ gear LASSOS
Cardiac ultrasound test, for short ECHO
Catch some rays SUN
Clueless . . . or cruising ATSEA
Compulsive hoarder PACKRAT
Distort, as speech GARBLE
Drill sergeant’s ‘one’ HUP
Fashion monogram YSL
Fish in sushi rolls EEL
Get value from USE
Go sour, say SPOIL
Honeymoon locale, perhaps ISLE
Iditarod dog HUSKY
Immobilizing weapon TASER
Indicator of ‘shouting,’ online ALLCAPS
Jazz jam highlight SOLO
Kelly and Ryan, on TV COHOSTS
Kendrick Lamar’s genre RAP
Lends a hand to AIDS
Clues Answers
Letter weigher POSTALSCALE
Liberal arts major, for short SOC
Like ice caps POLAR
Martial arts blows CHOPS
Modeler’s material CLAY
Morse dot, vocalized DIT
Most confident SUREST
Na or Cl- ION
Oater showdowns DUELS
On the level, for short LEGIT
One of football’s Mannings ELI
One-inch putt, e.g TAPIN
One-named British pop star ADELE
Part of an omnivore’s diet MEAT
Picks, with ‘for’ OPTS
Place for a Swedish massage SPA
Places for mufflers NECKS
Potato storage unit BIN
Protection from the elements SHELTER
Romantic poem ODE
Ryan of ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’ IRENE
Semiaquatic amphibian NEWT
Sign after Cancer LEO
Singles bar delivery LINE
Sleep study diagnosis, perhaps APNEA
Smell something fierce REEK
Snowden’s former employer, briefly NSA
Sod buyer’s calculation AREA
Strip mine yield ORE
Symbols in tweets HASHTAGS
Takes some downtime RESTSUP
Tiki party neckwear LEI
Toy for a builder LEGOSET
Tubular pasta PENNE
Update, as decor REDO
Weightlifters’ helpers SPOTTERS
Word after split or snow PEA
Work with 27-Down SHAPE
___ cushion (joke shop buy) WHOOPEE