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USA Today – Jun 27 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Come Dancing’ band THEKINKS
‘Don’t make this edit’ STET
‘Easter, 1916’ poet YEATS
‘It’s a long ___’ STORY
‘Just wait!’ YOULLSEE
‘No bid’ IPASS
‘Ode on a Grecian Urn’ poet KEATS
‘Some ___ born great . . .’ ARE
‘Until we meet again’ ADIEU
‘Wild ‘n Out’ host Cannon NICK
2016 prize for Bob Dylan NOBEL
Adds a guitar solo to, say OVERDUBS
Alternatives to fries TOTS
Angle symbols, in math THETAS
Antler-wrestling beasts ELKS
Barfly’s sound HIC
Basil and dill HERBS
Brief moment, briefly SEC
Bygone Manhattan trains ELS
Danish shoe brand ECCO
Draw no cards, in poker SITPAT
Early Jesse Jackson hairdo AFRO
Egyptian serpent ASP
Fitzgerald of jazz ELLA
Foundering ship’s signal SOS
Fruit-flavored soda brand FANTA
Game with Skip cards UNO
Go by, as time ELAPSE
Goose sounds HONKS
Graveside words EULOGY
Greek X CHI
Haunting woodwind OBOE
Hoops tourney winners’ souvenirs NETS
Horsewhip, e.g FLAY
Huge sushi platters BOATS
Hydrogen sulfide feature ODOR
Just ducky OKAY
Kick back and relax CHILL
Like a 38-Across’ bite, potentially LETHAL
Clues Answers
Line from the heart AORTA
Litter members PUPS
MacGregor played by Liam Neeson ROBROY
Many a Balkan native SLAV
Many fine paintings OILS
Minute Maid Park player ASTRO
Newsroom fixtures DESKS
Often-prewritten article, for short OBIT
One in charge, for short CEO
Pay-___-click PER
Perform brilliantly SHINE
Pick on playfully KID
Picketer defier SCAB
Place for a solar panel ROOF
Placed faith in BANKEDON
Post-parade litter, once TICKERTAPE
Post-workout feeling ACHE
Producing foliage INLEAF
Prudent action suggested by last parts of 16-Across and 9- and 24-Down DATABACKUP
Quavering note TRILL
Require an eraser, perhaps ERR
Revolutionary’s symbol FIST
Rocks in a tumbler ICE
Salon bottleful DYE
Scout group TROOP
Signals ‘Who cares?’ SHRUGS
Snoop Dogg’s genre RAP
Sonic effect at a stadium ECHO
Sudden outpouring SPATE
Sudden outpouring ONRUSH
Tail end of a sob HOO
Talent show entrant ACT
Throw into the trash TOSS
Unearthed assets ORES
Until now TODATE
Whale that attacks other whales ORCA
Wispy atmospheric formation CIRRUSCLOUD
___-de-sac CUL