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USA Today – Jun 28 2018

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Clues Answers
‘But of course!’ OHYES
‘I’ll get this one’ ONME
‘It’s hardly surprising’ NOWONDER
‘Lake-effect snow’ lake ERIE
‘Rugrats’ dad STU
‘The King and I’ setting SIAM
‘Twilight Zone’ visitor ALIEN
2018 Masters champion Patrick REED
Antipasto morsel OLIVE
Attached, like a patch SEWN
Auction off, say SELL
Bandmate of Crosby and Stills NASH
Barrel part STAVE
Became frayed WORE
Belch, as smoke SPEW
Boggy ground MIRE
Common mirror shape OVAL
County Kerry’s land EIRE
Crosby, Stills and 51-Down, e.g TRIO
Don’t catch DROP
Dropped a clue HINTED
Eye salaciously OGLE
Firm, slender tomato ROMA
Fit for a king REGAL
Fitzgerald honored by the USPS ELLA
Floored it SPED
Fuss at a mirror PREEN
Gave in, finally CAVED
Go underground HIDE
Google search result HIT
Grand ___ Opry OLE
Gravy de-lumping utensil SIEVE
Guardian Angels jacket material SATEEN
Guitar amp units WATTS
Has staying power LASTS
How some YouTube videos go VIRAL
Clues Answers
Imam’s faith ISLAM
Impressive display ARRAY
Is in the hole OWES
Laugh heartily ROAR
Leniency’s opposite RIGOR
Like allergy sufferers’ eyes, maybe WATERY
Mail in, as payment REMIT
Many a microbrew ALE
MLB honcho OWNER
Move made in a tutu PLIE
Novelist who created Jack Reacher LEECHILD
One way to fly SOLO
Part of a big cake, perhaps TIER
Pastry bag filler ICING
Peevish mood SNIT
Place for a bout ARENA
Put up with BEAR
Regional plant life FLORA
Rips off, slangily HOSES
River in a Stephen Foster song SWANEE
Rotten to the core EVIL
Small jazz band COMBO
Sophia of ‘Two Women’ LOREN
Square mile fraction ACRE
Streep who played Thatcher MERYL
Swing support, perhaps TREE
To-do aid LIST
Took a board game turn WENT
Try for a part READ
Tuck’s title FRIAR
Turn on AM radio, maybe LISTENTOTHENEWS
Ultimatum ender ELSE
Unit in the game of Risk ARMY
Vein yields ORES
Windy City hub OHARE
World power until 1991 (Abbr.) USSR
Zebra feature MANE