USA Today – Jun 28 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘A Little Devil in America’ author Abdurraqib HANIF
‘Cars’ animation studio PIXAR
‘However . . .’ YET
‘Send help!’ SOS
‘The Miseducation of ___ Hill’ LAURYN
‘u got jokes!’ LOL
‘Yadda, yadda, yadda,’ for short ETC
‘___ kakou’ (Hawaiian greeting) ALOHA
401(k) alternative IRA
Above, in old poems OER
Alias letters AKA
Apartment payment RENT
Beauty brand with a Regenerist line OLAY
Blurted out SAID
Bounce bunny-style HOP
Congresswoman Ilhan OMAR
Cook in oil a second time REFRY
Cookie Business badge earner GIRLSCOUT
Course for some new U.S. residents ENL
Crocheter’s material YARN
Cut like a lumberjack CHOP
Cutesy version of ‘love’ LUFF
Did taxes online EFILED
Emphatic version of ‘OK’ OKURR
Encountered MET
Face-planted ATEIT
Gallery opening, for example ARTSHOW
George ___, pen name of Mary Ann Evans ELIOT
Gets angry SEESRED
Go downhill fast (literally) SKI
Gold, in Spanish ORO
Goose’s noise HONK
Habit-wearing sister NUN
Hanky-___ PANKY
Hit a homer GODEEP
In the know AWARE
Kelsey Plum’s Olympic team USA
Knotless ___ PLAITS
Large primates APES
Largest artery AORTA
Mechanical dance move ROBOT
Mine find ORE
Miss Piggy or Dr. Bunsen Honeydew MUPPET
Mum’s mum NAN
Name shared by Scary and Sporty Spice MEL
One before Tue MON
Paleozoic, Mesozoic and so on ERAS
Patrick Mahomes scores (Abbr.) TDS
Pieholes KISSERS
Pinot noir, for example WINE
Ready for picking RIPE
Regular passenger boat FERRY
Residents LOCALS
Sans sparkle DRAB
Scot’s ‘not’ NAE
Slippery as an ___ EEL
Smug smile SMIRK
Snickers ___ (Midwestern potluck dish) SALAD
Strike zone PICKETLINE
Substance symbolized by a skull and crossbones POISON
Suffix for ‘movie’ or ‘party’ GOER
Superlative suffix EST
Surprisingly mature person OLDSOUL
Take a ___ (make a risky bet) FLIER
The Magic, on scoreboards ORL
The ___ necessities BARE
Three-vowel instrument OBOE
Vehicles for ETs UFOS
Wheel bar AXLE
Word after ‘sports’ or ‘training’ BRA
Young sheep LAMB
___ and flows EBBS
___ New Guinea PAPUA
___ of voice TONE
___ on the side of caution ERR
___ Te Ching TAO
___-Wan Kenobi OBI

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