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USA Today – Jun 29 2018

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Clues Answers
‘American Reunion’ actress MENASUVARI
‘Clay’ to ‘Ali,’ e.g., and a hint to 17-Across and 11- and 28-Down NAMECHANGE
‘Odds ___ . . .’ ARE
‘That feels good!’ AAH
‘To my dismay . . .’ SADLY
12-Down detail, for short SPEC
An honor card in bridge TEN
Apt to cause a brain freeze COLD
Area for fervent worshippers AMENCORNER
Assent to the captain AYE
Builder’s design PLAN
Cart-pulling team OXEN
Causes for overtime TIES
Causing chills EERIE
Civic obligation DUTY
Counterfeiters’ foes, for short TMEN
Creepy glances LEERS
Cruiser drivers COPS
Declare as ‘fake news’ DENY
Era-spanning tale SAGA
Event for motorheads CARSHOW
Far from lethargic SPRY
Flavor of much green candy LIME
Fry cooks’ utensils PANS
Gave the once-over to EYED
Great Sphinx locale GIZA
Growth in an abandoned lot WEEDS
Improvising twosome’s tune JAZZDUET
In a kittenish way COYLY
Instrument on a Guinness label HARP
Leave slack-jawed AWE
Lessens one’s pace SLOWS
Like a fleabag SEEDY
Like buttery pie crust FLAKY
Like much good steak AGED
Lizard of the tropics IGUANA
Longest human bones FEMURS
Malicious tendency MEANSTREAK
Many an OPEC minister ARAB
Clues Answers
Medical breakthroughs CURES
Medically induced state, perhaps COMA
MLB honcho OWNER
Mockumentary, e.g SATIRE
Much of a paleo diet MEAT
Nieces, nephews et al KIN
Opera great Enrico CARUSO
Oscar ___ (Wienermobile company) MAYER
Parking meter’s place CURB
Parts of military positions SECTORS
Peanut and coconut products OILS
Perfume applications SPRITZES
Petty quarrel SPAT
Piglike forest dweller TAPIR
Pillow filling, perhaps EIDER
Places for mud baths SPAS
Places to wallow STIES
Poses one of the five W’s ASKS
Provoke playfully TEASE
Puts in the pokey JAILS
Rascally tots IMPS
Rebellious art genre DADA
Reduce to ribbons SHRED
Released, as a stamp ISSUED
Rice who writes of vampires ANNE
Shirts at boardwalk shops TEES
Speaks boastfully of VAUNTS
Sprinkler of magic dust PIXIE
Stamps and sends MAILS
Take the laurels WIN
They’re cast by pros YESVOTES
Towel pronoun HERS
Try for a 4-Down VIE
Unanticipated hang-up SNAG
Uncouth sorts APES
Unguarded, as a receiver OPEN
Used hand signals MOTIONED
Vindictive Tyler Perry character MADEA
Ward with two Emmys SELA