USA Today – Jun 29 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Cut that out!’ STOP
‘Darn it!’ PHOOEY
‘Sure thing’ YEP
‘Take me ___, a secret place . . .’ AWAY
‘The results ___ in!’ ARE
‘Thunderstruck’ band ACDC
‘Whose Line ___ Anyway?’ ISIT
A water main is one PIPE
Animal anagram of 23-Down APES
Assistance AID
Blades for harvesting MACHETES
Body parts that might be lined LIPS
Book jacket part FLAP
Burden ONUS
Carnivore known for its laugh HYENA
Carpenter pencil’s lack ERASER
Chicano Blowouts location EASTLA
Chopitos and empanadillas, for example TAPAS
Cleans up a spill MOPS
Comes up with a title for NAMES
Competitor of Hilton HYATT
Congee grain RICE
Cooperate with an opposing party, in politics CROSSTHEAISLE
Destined FATED
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
Feast with maror and charoset SEDER
Fix a rip SEW
Floating ice sheet FLOE
Flower with a Thornbird variety IRIS
Football helmet part CHINSTRAP
Gives some assistance HELPS
Guest columnist’s piece OPED
Hidden trove CACHE
Holes in needles EYES
Kilt pattern PLAID
Large gulp SWIG
Lentil casings PODS
Like a golden-yellow pineapple RIPE
Like arugula and kale LEAFY
Like the newspaper Muscat Daily OMANI
Makes an exchange SWAPS
Many SAT takers (Abbr.) SRS
Medium gait TROT
Messages in Sent folders EMAILS
Once-___-lifetime INA
Oodles of LOTSA
Pained cry YELP
Plain font whose name becomes plane-related if you add an E ARIAL
Pose a threat to MENACE
Professor’s degree, often PHD
Quinceanera headpiece TIARA
Racetrack section LANE
Reach a compromise MEETINTHEMIDDLE
Refine HONE
Regimen for some trans people HRT
Salif Keita’s country MALI
Salt-N-___ PEPA
Sign before Virgo LEO
Snack cooked over a campfire SMORE
Sounds from a truck in reverse BEEPS
Ssam, for example WRAP
Stays cool and collected KEEPSCALM
Stretch of history ERA
Taj Mahal top DOME
Tapered off WANED
Tell it like it isn’t LIE
Texas city near Midland ODESSA
Toffee bar brand SKOR
Trim on a bridal veil LACE
Vegetable anagram of 35-Down PEAS
Vehicle with a meter CAB
Very cold ICY
Web browsing annoyance POPUPWINDOW
Yahoo alternative AOL
Years and years AGES
___ Moines BCycle DES
___-fi SCI

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