USA Today – Jun 3 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Beats me!’ NOIDEA
‘Catch ya later!’ IMOUT
‘Monsters, ___’ INC
‘OK, sure, tell me’ ILLBITE
‘Thank you for coming to my ___ Talk’ TED
‘The Last Jedi’ protagonist REY
‘Yay, finally finished this!’ IDIDIT
180-degree maneuver UTURN
Activist Thunberg GRETA
Anger IRE
Animal that says ‘hee haw’ ASS
Animals with manes LIONS
Arm joint ELBOW
Author Ijeoma OLUO
Baby dog PUP
Biblical flood shelter ARK
Block-stacking game JENGA
Boy, in Spanish NINO
Browse a subreddit without contributing LURK
Common lipstick color RED
Container with a pop tab CAN
Country where ‘bula’ means ‘hello’ FIJI
Crunchy diner sandwich BLT
Degrees for 23-Across MDS
Drooped SAGGED
E and G, e.g NOTES
Feathery accessory BOA
Field developing prosthetics BIOENGINEERING
Fight like Ali BOX
Food writer Saffitz CLAIRE
Former tennis player with 39 Grand Slam titles BILLIEJEANKING
Freezer tray cubes ICE
Fuzzy boot brand UGG
Glowing coal EMBER
Gradually become smaller WANE
Hair goop GEL
Iguazu ___ (South American landmark) FALLS
In a different country ABROAD
Like many characters in queer fan fiction GAY
Make less difficult EASE
Makes some changes to AMENDS
Mississippi’s state flower MAGNOLIA
Narrow valley GLEN
Necklace sometimes made with hala fruit LEI
Pepsi competitor COKE
Performer who might sport a fake mustache DRAGKING
Pink, purple and blue pride symbol BISEXUALFLAG
Places to get corned beef DELIS
Places to order drinks BARS
Post-WWII alliance NATO
Prepare some parmesan GRATE
Professor’s goal TENURE
Quick look PEEK
Rainbow’s place SKY
Rubbery item in a pencil case ERASER
Rude taunt JEER
She holds the record for most goals scored at FIFA World Cup tournaments MARTA
Singles ONES
Small shop with trendy items BOUTIQUE
Solitary person LONER
Some ER workers DRS
Stadium cheer OLE
Stimulate, like interest PIQUE
Super gross NASTY
Table parts LEGS
The sun, for one STAR
Top-left keyboard key ESC
Toss up in the air LOB
Tries out TESTS
Tummy muscles ABS
Type of eye surgery LASIK
Used a spade DUG
Uses a chair SITS
Vote into office ELECT
Winter Olympics sleds LUGES
___ Punk (‘Get Lucky’ duo) DAFT

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