USA Today – Jun 30 2018

Clues Answers
23-Across with a partner SPAR
Artful ploys WILES
Bagel choice SESAME
Balaam’s mount ASS
Basis for a patent IDEA
Bassoon kin OBOE
Blew one’s cool SAWRED
Business bigwig BARON
Cereal high in iron? STEELMILLET
Check payee, perhaps BEARER
Cohort of Kent and Olsen LANE
Collar insert STAY
Collections of scenes ACTS
College reunion groups CLASSES
Compact piano SPINET
Computer language in Y2K news COBOL
Conger catcher EELPOT
Convention venues ARENAS
Crowd scene actors EXTRAS
D.C.’s D or C AVE
Day care attendees TOTS
Diet soda calorie count, maybe ONE
Diplomatic break RIFT
Drum kit parts, for short TOMS
Easily split mineral MICA
English spa town BATH
Fantasy league deals TRADES
Feline part of a sphinx LION
Fifth-century invader ATTILA
Fire engine tool AXE
First lady after Lady Bird PAT
Fork-shaped Greek letters PSIS
Freudian I EGO
Go a few rounds BOX
Graham who wrote ‘The Quiet American’ GREENE
Hathaway of ‘Bride Wars’ ANNE
Hockey stick wood ELM
Hospital unit BED
Ice picker-uppers TONGS
Clues Answers
Illegal pepper trade? SPICERACKET
Jane Austen title heroine EMMA
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo ABE
Learn through the grapevine HEAR
Left in KEPT
Lithographers’ supplies INKS
Low-budget prefix ECONO
Lures into a crime ENTRAPS
MASH activity TRIAGE
Music store buy AMP
Need an eraser, say ERR
Needing a rubdown ACHY
Org. with a noted journal AMA
Prefix similar to ‘mono-‘ UNI
Prefix with arm or bar DIS
Pricing word EACH
Protester at an annual NFL event? DRAFTPICKET
Reason for a second serve, in tennis NETBALL
Regal fur ERMINE
Repair, as a road REPAVE
Repeat for emphasis ITERATE
Retort to ‘You’re not!’ IAMSO
Rutabaga or yam TUBER
Sch. near Harvard MIT
Seance sound RAP
Sedona automaker KIA
Seven-veil dancer SALOME
Some stadium shapes OVALS
Textile from Chantilly LACE
Warrior Princess of TV XENA
Where Palin governed ALASKA
Woman tempted in Genesis EVE
Words after ‘Hi, honey!’ IMHOME
World of doves? PEACEPLANET
Wrinkle-resistant fabric DACRON
Yogi’s chant MANTRA
___ kwon do TAE
___-Town (Windy City) CHI

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