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USA Today – Jun 5 2018

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Clues Answers
‘I haven’t a clue’ GOTME
‘The Call of the Wild’ vehicle SLED
Acts as a shill for, say ABETS
All habitable areas, collectively ECOSPHERE
All worked up INALATHER
Bank’s property claim LIEN
Beads at a mass ROSARY
Blood bank quantity UNIT
Call the whole thing off ENDIT
Can’t do without NEEDS
Can’t stomach ABHOR
Coal and peat, for two FUELS
Cultural pursuits ARTS
Dexterity-enhancing piano piece ETUDE
Dim bulb MORON
Dinghy implement OAR
Drink with crumpets TEA
Egg-timer filler SAND
Events in garages SALES
Fanatic’s quality ZEAL
Farming students, familiarly AGGIES
Fashionista’s magazine VOGUE
Flinch or blink REACT
Garson of ‘Mrs. Miniver’ GREER
Gaucho’s grassland PAMPA
Get-up-and-go PEP
Gibbons and orangs APES
Gig components SETS
Give the once-over to EYE
Go on dates with SEE
Grain storage unit BIN
Greek column style IONIC
Gun shop stock AMMO
Hackman of ‘Unforgiven’ GENE
Had a hunch about SENSED
Has a bug AILS
Has some grub EATS
Higher-ranking than ABOVE
Hosiery shade TAUPE

Clues Answers
Hub serving Beantown LOGAN
Indentation code HORIZONTALTAB
It’s ‘the word’ MUM
Legislation concerning schools EDUCATIONBILL
Literary governess Jane EYRE
Make a blunder GOOF
Manage, as unruly hair TAME
Mount McKinley, officially DENALI
Mountaineer’s descent RAPPEL
No-name, in retail OFFBRAND
Paper purchase REAM
Period named for a music genre ERA
Place for a hoop EAR
Played for a sap HAD
Pose one of the five W’s ASK
Pragmatic sorts REALISTS
Prospective gun buyer’s screening BACKGROUNDCHECK
React to a bad pun, perhaps MOAN
Redeemed coupons, e.g SAVED
Remove to a MASH EVAC
Right Guard competitor BAN
Sci-fi crew members ETS
Skimpy skirt MINI
Sneak a look PEEK
Social insect ANT
Source of teen pressure PEER
Sprinter’s assignment LANE
Steffi with seven Wimbledon wins GRAF
Team in pinstripes, for short YANKS
Tidy up NEATEN
Took a match to LIT
Up to, informally TIL
WellCare, e.g HMO
Where you live ABODE
Word with photo or black OPS
World Series card game POKER
___ Solo in ‘Star Wars’ HAN