USA Today – Jun 6 2018

Clues Answers
‘Aloha Oe’ instruments, briefly UKES
‘Iliad’ or ‘Odyssey’ SAGA
‘Inferno’ poet DANTE
‘Little green man’ ALIEN
‘Lucky Guy’ playwright Ephron NORA
‘Norma ___’ (Field movie) RAE
‘People’ composer Jule STYNE
‘Skedaddle!’ SCOOT
‘Speed Racer’ genre ANIME
‘Take your time!’ NORUSH
After-hours banking convenience NIGHTDEPOSITORY
Airline seat feature TRAY
Amway Center, e.g ARENA
Approached adulthood GREW
Bad time for Caesar IDES
Bell-ringer of commercials AVON
Big Apple tennis venue ASHE
Blackens, in a way SOOTS
Boss’s terse note SEEME
Braugher of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ ANDRE
Bronte’s Jane EYRE
Build-it-yourself chain IKEA
Car in the Beach Boys’ ‘Fun Fun Fun’ TBIRD
Comes next ENSUES
Connects, in marketing TIESIN
Coupe alternative SEDAN
David Bowie’s widow IMAN
Fashionable, in 1960s Britain MOD
Feed the kitty ANTE
Fermentation fungi YEASTS
Floored it SPED
Freshen up RENEW
Gallop or canter GAIT
Gerund, e.g NOUN
Got nourishment from FEDON
Grasping part of a 30-Down NOSE
Grease job, briefly LUBE
Clues Answers
Hockey great Mikita STAN
In alignment TRUE
It may involve a hat trick MAGICACT
Lady’s escort, for short GENT
Laila of boxing ALI
Leak slowly SEEP
Make more readable, say EDIT
Manhattan’s 42nd, e.g STREET
McEntire of country REBA
MHz part MEGA
Military mind game, for short PSYOP
Movie with a posse, perhaps OATER
Naturals in Vegas SEVENS
Not bumpy EVEN
Nov. 11 marchers VETS
Often-buggy software version BETA
PED XING and others SIGNS
Piglike forest dweller TAPIR
Recipe guesstimate DASH
Red or Dead SEA
Remove from the board ERASE
River to the Ligurian Sea ARNO
Roberts of ‘The Expendables’ ERIC
Salon bed acquisition TAN
Sax larger than an alto TENOR
Scroll in an ark TORAH
See 67-Across TIMOR
Seeing stars DAZED
Squad car feature SIREN
Tear to shreds REND
Teen’s blemish ZIT
Think the world of ADMIRE
Times in classifieds AFTS
Watched a friend’s home, say HOUSESAT
Weekend theater offering SATURDAYMATINEE
With 63-Across, nation since 2002 EAST
Witness with an official stamp NOTARY

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