USA Today – Jun 7 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Oh, he’s a ___ drink of water’ TALL
‘On my way, sit tight!’ ILLBERIGHTTHERE
‘Our team took the gold!’ WEWON
‘Sweet Love’ singer Baker ANITA
‘We ___ Animals’ (Justin Torres novel) THE
‘When r u arriving?’ ETA
‘___ that for you!’ LOVE
A sight for sore ___ EYES
A ___ in judgment LAPSE
Added swirls to a cake PIPED
Agree to something SAYYES
Ample or sample, for example RHYME
Amplify on social media REPOST
Animal care org SPCA
Bagel-making chemical LYE
Basketball star Ming YAO
Big shopping sesh SPREE
Bittersweet postcard message WISHYOUWEREHERE
Canyon sound effect ECHO
Cookout side SLAW
Curtain call action BOW
Decide OPT
Deck used for cartomancy TAROT
Design detail, for short SPEC
Do some lawn upkeep MOW
Draped garment SHAWL
Drink made with rice and cinnamon HORCHATA
Estadio Azteca cheer OLE
Finishes ENDS
Fork part TINE
Formal term of address SIR
Former boyfriends EXES
Funny image macro, for example MEME
Glowing review RAVE
Got together MET
High point APEX
Holiday with lion dances TET
Home ___ from home AWAY
Keyboard goofs TYPOS
Legal rights org ACLU
Like a hasty decision RASH
Makes less strict EASES
Mani’s partner PEDI
Mixes in ADDS
Money-hungry move CASHGRAB
Musical based on ‘La Boheme’ RENT
Not mention OMIT
Number of members of SWV THREE
NY congresswoman’s initials AOC
Of ___ proportions EPIC
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
Place for a woodsy retreat CABIN
Prefix for ‘luminescence’ BIO
Punch sound in comics POW
Queer visibility slogan that’s the title of a 2019 visual history book WEAREEVERYWHERE
Random ___ of kindness ACTS
Running behind LATE
Save for later STORE
See 63-Across PARADE
Shell out PAY
Show to be false REBUT
Skating rink shapes OVALS
Straightened in a chair SATUP
Strategize PLAN
Super Mario Kart console, for short SNES
Sweet topping for yogurt HONEY
Trades SWAPS
Tribute poems ODES
Unable to come any closer ATBAY
Up to the task ABLE
Video game composer Raine LENA
Whatever the case ANYHOW
With 44-Down, event with rainbow flags PRIDE
Word followed by ‘station’ or ‘pedal’ GAS
___ and cosines SINES
___ dish (lab item) PETRI
___ ghanoush BABA

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