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USA Today – Jun 8 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Animal House’ event TOGAPARTY
‘Love is blind,’ e.g ADAGE
‘To Tell the Truth’ group PANEL
12/31 et al EVES
A buffet may satisfy one BIGAPPETITE
A drummer sets it TEMPO
Analog watch part HAND
Arab kingdom native SAUDI
Asps and adders SERPENTS
AutoZone buy PART
Bath’s river AVON
Be of advantage to AVAIL
Brought into balance EVENED
Butler’s invitation ENTER
Cake from Linz TORTE
Cantaloupe’s cover RIND
Cheerio feature HOLE
Choir member ALTO
Commuter’s option BUS
Convention voter DELEGATE
Coupe’s two DOORS
Cusser’s mouthwash, once SOAP
Daily double, e.g WAGER
Debtor’s slip IOU
Dimwitted drooler of comics ODIE
Dislike big-time ABHOR
Eggs, to biologists OVA
Enlightenment-seeking sect ZEN
Farthest planet from the sun, now NEPTUNE
Fey of ’30 Rock’ TINA
Flagon filler ALE
Give one’s word to ASSURE
Governor’s domain STATE
Greek food cart offering GYRO
Have a major crush on ADORE
Having color HUED
Hide, dog-style BURY
Historian’s focus PAST
Jonathan or Granny Smith BAKINGAPPLE

Clues Answers
Like a good souffle AIRY
Like many tours or missiles GUIDED
Like rats’ eyes BEADY
Millennial’s parent, for short XER
Minuscule amount IOTA
More far-fetched TALLER
More slippery ICIER
Mystical glow AURA
Napa Valley product WINE
Pen point NIB
Place for a sand wedge TRAP
Place for a yacht MARINA
Powdery crayon PASTEL
Psoriasis soother ALOE
Quarry of sorts SANDPIT
Rapper married to Beyonce JAYZ
Removed, as a double-parked car TOWED
Sales receipt figure TAX
Sch. near the Rio Grande UTEP
Schooner fixtures MASTS
Segel of ‘I Love You, Man’ JASON
Side at a BBQ joint SLAW
Silly goose NINNY
Software glitch BUG
StarKist’s Charlie, e.g TUNA
Stetson feature BRIM
Still in the game ALIVE
Storm-tracking system RADAR
Stretch class wear YOGAPANTS
Sunbather’s risk BURN
Super serve ACE
Takes a big swallow of GULPS
The Ram or the Bull SIGN
Treads heavily PLODS
Tuckered out ALLIN
Uses a letter opener on SLITS
Vindictive feeling SPITE
Word with fountain or cracker SODA
Yarn shop buy SKEIN