USA Today – Jun 8 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘I’ve ___ it with you!’ HAD
‘It’s clear now!’ AHA
‘It’s clear now!’ ISEE
‘No Time to Die’ actress Seydoux LEA
‘Not only that . . .’ ALSO
‘You might be ___ something’ ONTO
Adam’s first home EDEN
Advanced degree for a dancer MFA
Amazon mammals PINKDOLPHINS
At that location THERE
Be head over heels for ADORE
Beachcomber’s spot SHORE
Became close BONDED
Bed safety features RAILS
Bingo player’s item CARD
Book jacket blurb BIO
Canine in a pack WOLF
Capital of France PARIS
Captain Kirk’s home planet EARTH
Cause of withering crops SCORCHINGHEAT
Country in the book ‘Imperial Reckoning’ KENYA
Cranky Kong and Donkey Kong, for example APES
Deities GODS
Digit in binary code ONE
Dissenting vote NAY
Duplicitous person LIAR
Explorer with a talking backpack DORA
Fast pace for a horse GALLOP
Figure skating champ Eldredge TODD
Fish also known as nairagi STRIPEDMARLINS
Flatbreads for gyros PITAS
Genmaicha, etc TEAS
Goes on to say ADDS
Golf hole distance units YARDS
Good and full SATED
Grain in Nutri-Grain OAT
Hair salon fixture DRYER
Homeowner’s document DEED
Instruction on some sport coats DONOTIRON
Joint above the shin KNEE
Kabuki and ikebana, for two ARTS
Last year’s jrs SRS
Lead or copper, for example METAL
Love, in Spanish AMOR
Made a left or right TURNED
Makes things right ATONES
Membership fees DUES
Most populous Nordic country SWEDEN
Neglect to include OMIT
Organs with rods and cones EYES
Part of a lily STEM
Place with a trough STY
Poet and activist Suzan ___ Harjo SHOWN
Pool-filling tube HOSE
Prefix for ‘mural’ INTRA
Puts back to how it was RESETS
Puzzles in cornfields MAZES
Reason for overtime TIE
Repeated word-for-word ECHOED
Sandy mound DUNE
Sisters in convents NUNS
Some changing table users DADS
Sound met with ‘Gesundheit!’ ACHOO
Spice jar holders RACKS
Tan ___ (Malay honorific) SRI
Throw easily TOSS
Time for triceps pushdowns ARMDAY
Title for Thich Nhat Hanh ZENMASTER
Tracy Chapman’s voice type ALTO
Trees targeted by leaf beetles ELMS
Underworld overlord SATAN
Unforeseen problem SNAG
Unsealed OPENED
Voicemail prompt TONE
Was indebted to OWED
Writing assignment ESSAY

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