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USA Today – Jun 9 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Evil Ways’ band SANTANA
‘Walk-___ welcome’ INS
Accused spy Alger HISS
Arbor Day planting TREE
Bazooka or Chiclets GUM
Boot jangler SPUR
Breaks, as a bronco TAMES
Cantaloupe alternative HONEYDEW
Cantaloupe or 28-Across MELON
Capital on a fjord OSLO
Cash in the Kremlin RUBLE
Castaway’s home ISLE
Caveman’s weapon CLUB
Chip away at ERODE
Code cracker Turing ALAN
Competitor of Tide and All ERA
Cries out loud SOBS
Dowser’s need DIVININGROD
Fashion magazine since 1945 ELLE
Fateful day in old Rome IDES
Follow stealthily TAIL
G. Gordon of Watergate LIDDY
Geddy Lee’s band RUSH
Golden Rule word UNTO
Greeted the day AROSE
Hard-to-resist feeling URGE
Having no doubt SURE
Insurance against an untied shoelace DOUBLEKNOT
Item rated in watts BULB
Lawn-ruining pests MOLES
Lecherous goat-man SATYR
Like some track meets DUAL
London rainwear, briefly MAC
Loses steam FADES
Mark of shame STIGMA
Meet, as a bet SEE
Mourning period, in Judaism SHIVA
Muscular quality TONE
Nathan with a famous regret HALE
Clues Answers
Necklace add-on PENDANT
One of two certainties, in a saying TAXES
Panner’s lucky strike GOLDNUGGET
Part of a car’s cooling system FANBELT
Pennsylvania’s ‘Gem City’ ERIE
Pipefitter’s joint WELD
Place to wield a 10-Down ICE
Pool table material FELT
Portfolio holdings, briefly IRAS
Provides, as aid LENDS
Put a whammy on HEXED
Really bugs RANKLES
Riot control weapon TASER
Sheriff’s wear, in oaters TINBADGE
Shopaholic’s hangout MALL
Slightest trace IOTA
Some still-life vessels URNS
Sorento automaker KIA
Speak ill of SLUR
Spiked medieval 19-Across MACE
Stackable cookie OREO
Stepped down RESIGNED
Synonymist Peter ROGET
Tadpole’s breathing organ GILL
Tightfisted ones PIKERS
Tool for a slap shot HOCKEYSTICK
Touch base after a flyout TAGUP
Train for a bout SPAR
Try for a role READ
Used an emery board on FILED
Very short shorts HOTPANTS
Wall Street beast BULL
Well yield OIL
Well-worn pencils NUBS
Wind up END
Worth a D, say POOR
WWII tour group USO
___-mutuel betting PARI