USA Today – Mar 1 2018

USA Today Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 1 2018 Thursday 

Clues Answers
“___ Town” (Wilder play) OUR
“Amscray!” SCAT
“Amscray!” SCAT
“Boola Boola” collegians ELIS
“Hammerin’ ___” Aaron HANK
“Hatikvah” and “O Canada” ANTHEMS
“We’re in trouble!” UH OH
___ hours (early morning) WEE
1998 Disney heroine MULAN
Adolph of The New York Times OCHS
Aggressive poker bet ALLIN
Aid to a fence climber BOOST
Aloe, notably SOOTHER
Assented, at an auction NODDED
Barn nestling OWLET
Bit of punch card litter CHAD
Bored with it all BLASE
Bowling alley button RESET
Breaks into, as a computer HACKS
Buck of “Hee Haw” OWENS
Candidates for shearings EWES
Comic Schumer AMY
Compact pianos SPINETS
Cross one’s fingers HOPE
Cry like a banshee WAIL
Cusswords OATHS
Did a takeoff of APED
Dismissal, as from office REMOVAL
Double-layered, like tissue TWOPLY
Dry out, as earth PARCH
Dust-dwelling arachnid MITE
Element in some match heads PHOSPHORUS
Facebook entry POST
Fattening food, to a dieter NONO
Fine cotton thread LISLE
Fit for sainthood HOLY
Furtive observations ESPIALS
Gadget for many selfies PHONE
Good bud PAL
Grid great Graham OTTO
Image-editing software PHOTOSHOP
Kermit the Frog’s greeting HIHO
Liederkranz cheese quality ODOR
Lifted, as an anchor HOVE
Musical about Ms. Peron EVITA
Nobel Peace Prize city OSLO
One who can’t resist Hershey’s, say CHOCOHOLIC
One-armed bandit feature SLOT
Our base system TEN
Partner of red beans RICE
Passed with flying colors ACED
Place for hoes and rakes SHED
Place to sled HILL
Post-marathon feeling ACHE
Potter’s potions professor SNAPE
Professor Plum’s game CLUE
Pub round ALES
Puente of Latin jazz TITO
Right hands, so to speak AIDES
River through Lake Geneva RHONE
Slip-on shoe, for short MOC
Still kicking ALIVE
Subdue by stunning, informally TASE
Tabloids loch NESS
Talk like a tosspot SLUR
Tip jar bill, often ONE
Totally absorbed RAPT
Trike riders TOTS
Twisting force TORSION
Unlike a green banana RIPE
Utility for some homeowners OILHEAT
Visibly irate RED
Warming in relations THAW
Was nostalgic (for) PINED
Word before hoop or skirt HULA
Yacht’s mooring site SLIP

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