USA Today – Mar 10 2018

USA Today Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 10 2018 Saturday 

Clues Answers
___ in sheep’s clothing WOLF
“As ___ on TV!” SEEN
“Can-Can” city PARIS
“I’ll have another” ONE MORE
A handful of SOME
Allen of “Toy Story” TIM
Amassed, with “up” PILED
Analyze, as a golf green READ
Anne of ___ (Henry VIII’s fourth) CLEVES
Arena entrances GATES
Argo is a brand of this CORNSTARCH
Assault from Moe SLAP
Boring sort DRIP
Bring shame to ABASH
Cheese in red wax EDAM
City in “The Plague” ORAN
Cockpit abbr. ALT
Complicated, as a divorce MESSY
Comstock’s bonanza LODE
Cushion, as a blow SOFTEN
Diamond Head’s island OAHU
Driver’s license datum SEX
Dwindle, as support ERODE
Element in ferrites IRON
Expel, as lava SPEW
Farm or ranch worker HAND
First sacrament BAPTISM
Fred of “Top Hat” ASTAIRE
Game with wooden balls BOCCE
Geneva-based watchmaker ROLEX
Gets off the fence ACTS
Having little rainfall ARID
Hockey or baseball stat ASSIST
Hub serving 33-Across ORLY
In a conniving way SLYLY
In the thick of AMID
Islands north of Cuba BAHAMAS
Jan. 1 song word SYNE
Jane who loved Rochester EYRE
Jim Beam offering RYEWHISKEY
Like a bumbler HAPLESS
Like company cars, typically LEASED
Makes a fillet of DEBONES
Makes amends ATONES
Mellow brass instrument FRENCH HORN
Minister’s nickname REV
Mixed nuts tidbit CASHEW
Mocha’s land YEMEN
Monopoly need DICE
Mosaic pieces TILES
One way to pay CASH
Oz who wrote “Black Box” AMOS
Places to play 43-Across LAWNS
Plant with fleshy leaves ALOE
Polynesian nation SAMOA
Privy to INON
Radar gun reading SPEED
Really steamed SORE
Recycling bin item SODA BOTTLE
Reply to a schoolmarm YESM
Result of a sacrifice fly RUN
Rival of Borg and Laver ASHE
Rooms with recliners DENS
Seller of FORNUFT flatware IKEA
Smokers flick them ASHES
Span longer than an era EON
Stare stupidly GAWK
Stem-to-stern structure KEEL
Throaty “beg pardon . . .” AHEM
Train in a ring SPAR
Two-tone Mexican coin PESO
Union general at Gettysburg MEADE
Wind ___ (airport hazard) SHEAR
Windows forerunner DOS
Winter pajamas material FLANNEL
Work like a dog TOIL
YouTube distractions ADS

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