USA Today – Mar 11 2018

USA Today Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 11 2018 Sunday 

Clue Answers
“Baloney!” ROI
“Battle Cry” author Leon URIS
“Deathtrap” playwright Ira LEVIN
“Goodbye, Columbus” author Philip ROTH
“In” things RAGES
1040 and others FORMS
15-Across’s role in “The Mod Squad” LINC
2012 thriller set in Iran ARGO
Advanced a base, in a way STOLE
Apartment manager, briefly SUPER
At the acme of ATOP
B-29 and 747 manufacturer BOEING
Beauty pageant accessory SASH
Big first for a baby STEP
Bridge bid, in brief ONENO
Cartoon canine Deputy ___ DAWG
Common clock-in time NINE
Compost piles HEAPS
Cusco’s country PERU
Electroshock weapon TASER
Enjoy a timeout REST
Epps of “The Mod Squad” OMAR
Fearsome dino TREX
Fingerprint, to a detective CLUE
Gets a grip on GRASPS
Grand Canyon, notably CHASM
Home to a small pet CAGE
Icky fare GLOP
Icy coating HOAR
Inaugural ball, e.g. GALA
Increase in value RISE
Indonesian tourist mecca BALI
Inventor of a puzzle cube RUBIK
Keeps moist, as produce MISTS
Letters on the Gerald R. Ford USS
Like most bicycle tires TUBED
Like snail mail, vis-a-vis email SLOW
Locker room emanation ODOR
Lustful Greek god EROS
Mauna ___ (1984 erupter) LOA
Metal-forging tool DROPHAMMER
Mireille of “The Killing” ENOS
Mix of two songs into one MASHUP
Mosque leader IMAM
Mount where Noah landed ARARAT
Mountain goats’ perches CRAGS
Musher’s vehicle SLED
Not 100% confident UNSURE
One with an ID, perhaps USER
Open ___ (music or poetry event) MIC
Operating room aide SCRUB NURSE
Part of one’s net worth ASSET
Paycheck deduction fig. FICA
Pitcher’s target area STRIKE ZONE
Place to doodle SCRATCHPAD
Pro ___ (in proportion) RATA
Radiologist’s test, briefly CTSCAN
Samuel of the Supreme Court ALITO
Sch. near the Rio Grande UTEP
School near Windsor Castle ETON
Seacrest co-host Kelly RIPA
Self-cleaning appliance, perhaps OVEN
Shady recesses ARBORS
Sitar piece RAGA
Sits for a portrait POSES
Spotted wildcat OCELOT
Stage, as a play PUT ON
Stoic of Greece ZENO
Theme park attraction RIDE
They’ve gone splitsville EXES
Topps collectible CARD
Track tipsters TOUTS
Unattributed (Abbr.) ANON
Vital heart vessel AORTA
Voicemail prompts TONES
Wholly absorbed RAPT
Word before code or colony PENAL
Wreck beyond repair TOTAL

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