USA Today – Mar 12 2018

USA Today Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 12 2018 Monday 

Clues Answers
“Immediately!” NOW
“I’ve ___ it up to here!” HAD
“That stings!” YEOW
37-Across competitor PORSCHE
38-Across surface figure AREA
Aim-improving device SCOPE
Alternative to Rover or Spot FIDO
Ambient quality AURA
Backsplash piece TILE
Bit of ugly campaigning SMEAR
Blood bank quantity UNIT
Bone up in a hurry CRAM
Bret who wrote of Poker Flat HARTE
Brisbane buddy MATE
Carnation location LAPEL
Cause of flight delays FOG
Chartered ride BOAT
Coed abode, perhaps DORM
Collectible Detroit flop EDSEL
Commotion, to the Bard ADO
Compact cars from 1984 to 1994 FORDTEMPOS
Eggs in sushi rolls ROE
Fish caught in pots EELS
Fitzgerald on a postage stamp ELLA
Gave the cold shoulder to SLIGHTED
Harvest machinery REAPERS
Having a knack TALENTED
Holey, lightweight clog CROC
Hunt and peck, say TYPE
Import with a four-ring logo AUDI
In reference to ASFOR
Invoice word DUE
Jamie of “M*A*S*H” FARR
Like Dali’s art SURREAL
Like-minded voting group BLOC
Literary governess Jane EYRE
McEntire, or her sitcom REBA
Moderator’s skill TACT
Navy mascot GOAT
Nevada casino city RENO
Not exactly, informally SORTA
Not much ABIT
Not yet scheduled (Abbr.) TBA
Patrolled rounds POLICE BEATS
Penny-pinching CHEAP
Pressure-packed periods CRUNCH TIMES
Prime for picking RIPE
Put the kibosh on END
Read digitally SCAN
Roughs it CAMPS
Rugged rock formation CRAG
Ruins a secret, say BLABS
Salt lick visitor DEER
Salt truck’s target SLEET
Scattered, as confetti STREWN
Shoreline phenomenon TIDE
Start to fidget GETANTSY
Story spanning centuries SAGA
Subside, as a storm ABATE
Take to task SCOLD
Talent show that returned in 2018, for short IDOL
Tearoom serving SCONE
Teslas don’t need it GASOLINE
The “fizz” in a gin fizz SODA
They’re set to zero by drivers TRIPMETERS
Three-dimensional map GLOBE
Throws into the mix ADDS
Trampled, with “on” TROD
Tropical fruit, as it’s sometimes known PAPAW
Use a Kindle READ
Vegging out IDLE
Vein yield ORE
Verdi’s title princess AIDA
Volleyball players, at times STETERS
White-tie affair wear TAILS
Wild equines ASSES
Withdraw, with “out” OPT
Worth mentioning OFNOTE

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