USA Today – Mar 13 2018

Clues Answers
“Show’s over” THAT SALL
40-Across sort GENT
Appian Way terminus ROME
Arouse resentment in PIQUE
Arrangement between museums LOAN
Baseball’s dead-ball ___ ERA
Batmobile passenger ROBIN
Beer drinker’s overhang GUT
Beginning point ORIGIN
Beginning reader’s lesson ABCS
Below, to a bard NEATH
Bit of a broken vase SHARD
Boomer’s offspring XER
Builder of a hanging nest ORIOLE
Chemistry text particle ATOM
Clinch, as a deal SEWUP
Clips, as branches LOPS
Come down with GET
Con artist’s game SCAM
Country star Jackson ALAN
Dance lesson bit STEP
Dismiss summarily AXE
Distorts, as partisan journalism SKEWS
Dumpster swarm FLIES
Dust-creating tool SAW
Edgar who painted ballerinas DEGAS
Eminent scholar SAVANT
Emphatic affirmative DOI
Eyewear style with a clip PINCENEZ
Farm equine MULE
Flat-topped hat PORK PIE
Fruits with necks PEARS
Gentle breeze ZEPHYR
Hepburn of “My Fair Lady” AUDREY
Humidifier output WATER VAPOR
Jimmy of Led Zeppelin PAGE
Juvenile retort to “Ain’t!” ARESO
Lapel decoration PIN
Lawn repair need SOD
Liberty Bell metal COPPER
Like fresh nail polish WET
Made a rug, perhaps WOVE
Madison Avenue rollout ADCAMPAIGN
Makes a pawn of USES
Mind someone else’s business SNOOP
Minor interruption BLIP
Model’s facial expression POUT
Mountaineer’s objective APEX
Neighbor of Saudi Arabia OMAN
Not for the public PERSONAL
Occasion for a tub of popcorn MOVIE
Original Skittles flavor LIME
Phillips ___ Academy EXETER
Portfolio part, for short IRA
Psychologist’s concern HUMAN NATURE
Rank for Potter or Klink (Abbr.) COL
Require 24-Down, perhaps ERR
Samson’s asset BRAWN
Source of white plumes EGRET
St. Peter’s Square speaker POPE
Stands ready for AWAITS
Streak in blue cheese VEIN
Takes forever, seemingly DRAGS
The Yale Record staffer ELI
Times to party EVES
Toaster feature SLOT
Tweeter’s “I think” IMO
Typist’s correction fluid LIQUID PAPER
Unintelligible Addams ITT
Unlikely to bend RIGID
Unspecified degree NTH
Use a scalpel on CUT OPEN
Utterly absurd INANE
Villains’ concoctions PLOTS
Warning signals of sorts REDFLAGS
Well-mannered, humorously COUTH
Witchy woman HAG
Word that can follow the last parts of 16- and 52-Across and 10- and 24-Down TRAIL

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