USA Today – Mar 14 2018

Clues Answers
“Hmm . . .” LETSSEE
“To ___ his own” EACH
“Yippee!” OHBOY
10-Across screen image ICON
Ace’s value, at times ONE
Added to the payroll HIRED
Baldwin who lampoons Trump ALEC
Banjoist Scruggs EARL
Bled in the wash RAN
Busily engaged ATIT
Caucus state IOWA
Confident assertion YESICAN
Contemptible one CUR
Cookie container JAR
Court sport TENNIS
Darjeeling export TEA
Ding in a door DENT
Dog breed that doesn’t 6-Across much POODLE
Dresden’s river ELBE
Elms, notably SHADETREES
Exposure time, in photography SHUTTERSPEED
Fabric stiffener STARCH
Female fowl HEN
Fenway Park city (Abbr.) BOS
Festive gathering GALA
Feudal bigwig LORD
First president in the White House ADAMS
Four Corners state natives UTES
Fruitless undertaking BLINDALLEY
Hardly wordy TERSE
Harpsichord relative PIANO
Have in hand HOLD
Headed the pack LED
Hellish experiences ORDEALS
Hotel chain with a sunrise logo DAYSINN
Introduces impurities to TAINTS
Lenders’ safeguards LIENS
Like early movies SILENT
Livestock shelter BARN
Clues Answers
Lizard kept as a pet IGUANA
Lose one’s winter coat SHED
Makes on the job EARNS
Many psychoanalysts FREUDIANS
Meadow mother EWE
Mend one’s ways REFORM
Mercury or Mars DEITY
Morse code signal DASH
Muscat’s sultanate OMAN
Nebraska city on the Missouri OMAHA
Officer in an 11-Down COP
Officer’s cruiser PATROLCAR
Place to dock PIER
Places for self-indulgence SPAS
Prefix with potent or present OMNI
Ram in the zodiac ARIES
Responses to prolonged applause CURTAINCALLS
River bottom BED
Rogue computer in “2001” HAL
Routing word VIA
Say further ADD
Scarlett’s estate TARA
Sea’s ebb and flow TIDE
Seal, as a deal ICE
Shells and buckshot, for short AMMO
Sluggers’ stats RBIS
Smart-alecky SASSY
Smartphone clock function ALARM
Social finesse TACT
Sporty Fords, informally TBIRDS
Tablet for web surfers IPAD
Throw into the trash TOSS
Unable to sit still ANTSY
Verbal zinger BARB
Verdict-delivering group JURY
Visitor to an old prof, perhaps ALUM
Ward off AVERT
Whistle-blower’s sound TOOT
Winnie-the-Pooh’s creator MILNE

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